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DIY more popular with women

It's a fact that more and more women are getting involved in DIY.


You only have to take a look around the Internet at the number of DIY blogs being set up by DIY Divas, and see how many women are buying power tools (for themselves) at hardware stores to realise the truth of the matter.

DIY for fun

For so long, men have viewed DIY as a chore. It's something we women ask our men to do when they're watching sport on TV, hanging out with the guys, or planning to go and play a game of golf. Let's be honest, most men consider DIY tasks to be a pain in the butt. For women, DIY is something new and more of a fun project than a chore. We like to take on the challenge and prove to ourselves that we can do it, if we try.





DIY is easy

Bosch are the pioneers behind lightweight power tools that are easy to hold and easy to use. That's why we at Home-Dzine and the DIY Divas fully support and use Bosch power tools. Gone are the days when you had to stand and hold a drill that made your arm ache and rattled your teeth. Today's power tools still have the same amount of power - at half the size.

The lithium-ion range of powers tools are not only lightweight - they're also portable, which means we can use them anywhere!

DIY is creative

Women view DIY in a completely different way than men do, being more creative with design and finishing. While most men, when asked to put up a shelf, will do just that, women will look at the various options: the type of material, whether the shelf will have decorative or plain brackets, how high, will the kids be able to reach it, painted or stained finish, and so on. This is not because women are more creative than men, but that women view DIY projects from a fresh approach.

And for all the guys reading this and thinking, "What the %@!". If more women are doing DIY, imagine how much more free time you will have!

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