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DIY Divas Upholstery Workshops

DIY Divas offer a selection of basic upholstery workshops where you can learn how to upholster an ottoman or a headboard. The upholstery workshops take place at venues around the country and are open to all ages.


This weekend's storage ottoman workshop was a refreshing one, with Liam (age 10) and Jade (age 12) making their own upholstered storage ottomans. Mum, Heidi, sent along her two youngsters who wanted to make these ottomans for storage in their bedrooms. When asked what he would use his ottoman for, Liam replied, "Stuff - plenty of stuff!"





What was most exciting was the ease with which these two enterprising youngsters tackled the workshop. Eager to get started, using drill/drivers and various accessories was no problem and they very quickly got the hang of it.

"I was very impressed with the ottoman that Liam made" says Janice Anderssen. "Not only did he quickly grasp what was explained, but he used striped fabric that was aligned perfectly around the finished ottoman and finished ahead of everyone else!"

DIY Divas workshops are for everyone - any age - and DIY Kids of ages 10 and up are more than welcome to attend any of the workshops around the country. There is always a trained facilitator on hand to provide assistance and guidance with more advanced projects, and it's nice to know that kids can actually learn something useful with their hands, and not just their thumbs!

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