DIY Divas re-launch in Durban

We are pleased to announce the re-launch of DIY Divas in Durban. Ally Moir will be hosting a variety of DIY Divas Workshops from her venue in Durban North.


Ally Moir is the new DIY Diva for Durban and KZN. As from July 2017, Ally will offer a variety of workshops that caters for the beginner DIY enthusiast - even those that have never used power tools before.





The workshops on offer include the Beginner Power Tools / Woodwork workshop, which will be hosted as a Full Day workshop and a morning workshop. If you book for the Full Day workshop the event also moves on to more advanced tools that you may want to use, as well as light lunch and refreshments.

Ally will also offer the extremely popular Upholstered Storage Ottoman workshop, as well as workshops covering jointing techniques using the Kreg Pockethole Jig and Biscuit Joiner, as well as chalk painting techniques as part of the Bread Bin project workshop.