Chest of Drawers, Cupboard and Closet Demonstration

Join the DIY Divas in Randpark Ridge during June and July 2018 for a variety of informative and practical demonstrations on making a chest of drawers, kitchen cupboards and drawer units, as well as basic closet systems.


For the very first time and by popular request, DIY Divas in Randpark Ridge will be hosting a series of demonstrations that show you how to make your own chest of drawers, kitchen cabinets and drawer units, and basic closet components / wardrobes.

Hosted by Janice Anderssen, these demonstrations are designed to take you start to finish through the process of choosing, buying and assembling individual components. The demonstrations will look at fitting concealed hinges, adding drawer runners, attaching handles and knobs, as well as what's involved during the assembly process. Each demonstration will be filled with tips and tricks that you can use at home.





The demonstrations are being held on a Saturday morning from 09:00 to 12:00 at DIY Divas in Randpark Ridge. Click on the link below to book and for more details.



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