Child-proof your home

3 Easy DIY ways to child-proof a home to keep it child safe.


Children are naturally filled with curiosity and love to open doors and drawers. We put together 3 easy ways to child-proof a home that you can DIY with ease. After following these tips you won't have to worry as much about furniture tipping over and fingers being trapped in drawers or doors.

GOOD TO KNOW: Find out how to easily child-proof doors - shown above.

Tipping Furniture

When your little one starts walking, he or she will also look at places for support where they can pull themselves up. Older children may be at the stage where they love to climb, and boys especially. Bookcases, shelves and furniture is easy to tip over, so it is always recommended that you fasten furniture to the wall.





GOOD TO KNOW: An easy way to fasten furniture to a wall is to use a strip of nylon webbing and screw this to the back of the furniture and onto a wall.

Keep cupboards closed

Children will open cupboard doors for no reason other than to see what inside, or possibly even climb inside. Any easy way to secure doors without too much fuss is to make a wooden bolt consisting of a piece of dowel. Screw and glue the sections together to fit your cupboard doors. 

Lock doors without handles

If your doors don't have handles, you can add a couple of handles to the front and side to be able to wrap a rubber band between the two to keep doors closed. 

1. Measure and mark where the handles need to be placed and drill holes through the door and side of the cabinet at those locations.

2. Attach decorative knobs to the locations and secure tightly.

3. Now all you need to do is wrap a thick rubber band over the two knobs for child-proof doors.

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