Gout de France serving up delectable dishes

Goût de France aims to boost the visibility of French cuisine around the world. With the participation of over 2,100 restaurants in 2017, local restaurant-goers are encouraged to partake in this intimate showcase of France’s superb food offerings, with CHEFS as the destination.


During Goût de France week, which runs from 19-25 March 2018, CHEFS guests can experience a range of firm French favourites, such as beef tartare, herb-crusted sirloin, tarragon-and-lemon-basted chicken and creamy wood-roasted mussels. Dessert offerings include raspberry-and-dark-chocolate mille-feuille, cognac-glazed figs with vanilla ice cream and crème brûlée.

CHEFS, along with restaurants in 150 countries, is serving a delectable range of French dishes in tribute to Goût de France, a worldwide celebration of French cuisine that takes place from 19-25 March 2018. With a regular menu offering inspired by French cuisine, it is no surprise that CHEFS is participating in this year’s celebration of France’s distinct culinary heritage.





Respected Head Chef Jenny Ward, who admires French cuisine deeply, will bring CHEFS’s French menu to life for Goût de France 2018. According to her, all great techniques in food-making are linked to the basics of French cooking. Ward received tutelage from French chef Laurent Deslandes at Bizerca Bistro, gaining insight into a range of invaluable French culinary techniques.

Visit CHEFS for lunch or dinner this weekend to try one of their French-inspired meals. The kitchen opens from 12h00-15h00 for lunch and 17h30-20h30 for dinner. For the full menu, visit www.chefscapetown.co.za.


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