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Organise your home and earn extra cash

Most homes have cupboards, closets, and even entire rooms, that are filled with clutter that's no longer needed. Why not organise all these areas and earn a bit of extra cash for items no longer in use and spoil yourself with something you need.


Whether it's the garage, a spare room, a study, or a closet that fills up with unused items before you know it, a new storage area is forming and the end result is a cluttered mess. Many households can relate to precious space being taken up by appliances and equipment no longer in use. By selling unused goods you’re not only decluttering your home and freeing up space - you’re also earning some cash in the process and giving items a chance at a new life rather than being destined for the trash heap.





The saying that ''one man's junk is another man's treasure" couldn't be more true when it comes to unused or dated items. Some people’s items can be of use to others and it's for this reason that online classifieds are popular all year round.  A good incentive to get rid of the clutter is to use the cash you’ll receive from the sale to buy a new appliance or to put the money towards your next holiday, or invest in some new power tools for your DIY workshop.

 Selling goods online is convenient, quick and easy. Plus, online classified advertising is free and you can start selling your goods in minutes. To place an online ad all you need to do is consider the section and category where the item will be listed, for example if you’re selling a couch you’ll want to list it under the household section - lounge furniture category. Provide a price, compile a short title to describe what you’re selling, submit text with more details on the item and good photos. Finally, include your contact details where interested buyers can get hold of you, as well as your location to make it easier for interested buyers to know where you are located.

To make your ad more visible you may want to consider paying a nominal amount to have your ad appear on the homepage or at the top of the search results. The costs vary depending on the option you choose, but if you want your ad to receive maximum exposure and if you’re looking for a quicker sale you want your ad displayed more prominently.

These day you can sell almost anything online; from unused exercise equipment and tools, to an outdated fridge that is still in working condition. If your children no longer use their car seats or feeding chairs, sell these online and give them a second life.

Here are five tips to ensure your online ad attracts attention:

 • Know your customer:

Keep in mind who your typical buyer of the product will be and what they want to know about the item. Your ad should highlight the aspects of the item that will appeal to them. For example, if you’re selling a fridge include the make, model, capacity, colour and its condition.

• Do your homework:

Look at ads that advertise similar items and if they grab your attention try and replicate the descriptions or similar photos.

• Use the right wording:

You’ll be required to write a title and description. The title needs to say exactly what you offer, in other words what the product is, the make and model number. Keep the title and description short, but with the necessary info. The first couple of words in the description needs to grab potential buyers’ attention and make them want to read the rest of the ad. The description needs to state the key features of the product, for example a fridge’s description can mention whether it includes a freezer compartment or an icemaker and whether it’s in a good working condition.

• Use multiple photos:

Include a couple of photos taken from various angles as they increase the likelihood of potential buyers responding to your ad.

• Check your ad:

Classified sites offer a proofreading service, but insufficient facts as well as typing and spelling mistakes can detract buyers from reading and responding to your ad. Carefully read through the copy or ask someone else to check it for you to make sure you’ve included the right information.

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