Introducing Bondic Plaster Welder

Vermont Sales is excited to introduce the BONDIC Liquid UV Welder - the world's first liquid plastic welder that bonds, builds, fixes and fills in seconds!


From wood to glass, plastic, ceramic and metal, the BONDIX Liquid Plastic Welder - the only product that works where glue fails. The Bondic brand is the latest acquisition for Vermont Sales and looks set on making sales history for the company.





Bondic is not a glue, it is the world's first liquid plastic welder. "It must be one of the most magical products we have ever stocked and marketed, as it can be used by all, and no home, workshop, office, industry should be without this product," said Dale Englebrecht, Commercial Director at Vermont Sales.

Vermont Sales offer the full range of BONDIC products and are fully stocked to promote client POP, POS and attractive informative display stands. There is also a wide selection of outstanding video clips on the internet and their website that do a great selling job on the brand covering all one needs to know about the product.

Top features of BONDIX Liquid Plastic Welder are;

1. It bonds, builds, fixes and fills almost any material wood, glass, plastic, ceramic and metal

2. Cures in just a few seconds

3. It can be cured while under water

4. Can be sanded, filed and painted

5. Never dries out in the tube and will only turn into rock hard plastic once exposed to the UV light

6. Once cured Bondic can withstand temperatures from 40 degrees C to 150 degrees C


There are so many ways that glue can fail or let us down. Fingers stuck together, broken toys that we just can’t fix, having to throw out stuff because gluing it only made it worse. Not to mention just when we need glue most, we discover our 3-month-old bottle is as dry. BONDIC is the only product that works where glue fails. This liquid plastic only hardens when you need it to. It stays liquid and won’t dry out like those crazy glues on the market today.

BONDIX Liquid Plastic Welder is a very simple 4-step process (clean - fill - cure - shape) to fix almost anything - saving countless precious items from ending up in the trash before their time.



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