Avoid Working With Bad Movers With This Red Flag Checklist

Below are a few examples of things you can watch out for to make sure that you get the best possible movers you can for your money.


Many of us have had the time come where you have to pack up your home and move your belongings to your new home whether that be to another city or even across the country. There are many things that can go wrong if you’re not careful with the company that you choose to work with. The last thing you would want is to be out of the money you paid and without your belongings. There are many companies that will tend to lure you into deals that can end up being too good to be true.

Here are a few examples of things you can watch out for to make sure that you get the best possible movers you can for your money.

1. They Give You an Estimate That is Too Good To be True

When you are moving it is best for you to get written estimates from at least 3 different moving companies so you are able to make a choice based on the prices and services offered by all of the companies involved. A bad moving company may give you an offer that is far lower than the average of any other company. Almost all professional and legitimate companies will give you roughly the same offer for the same job being done. You can have different estimates if you’re looking for Chicago removals, Miami removals, New York City removals, or any other city you could have different prices so be wary if the company is based in a different location. When you receive an offer that is far lower or even far higher you will know that it is probably best to stay away from those companies.

2. You Are Not Provided with a Bill of Lading

One of the biggest and most obvious red flags are when the company does not give you a bill of lading. If this is the case you should not provide any of your belongings to them. The bill of lading is the official contract between you and the mover that all movers are required by law to provide to a customer before any shipments are made. You should be provided with your copy of the bill of lading by whoever is loading the truck before the move.

3. The Movers are Demanding To Be Paid Upfront

Movers should be paid after all of your belongings are delivered to their destination. If a company is demanding that you pay the full sum up front or a large deposit over 20% they are most likely a fraudulent company and should not be trusted. If a company is paid before they deliver your goods they could take your money and run which nobody wants.

4. The Company is Not Insured

If your moving company isn’t insured it can be a sure fire sign that they are fraudulent movers and should not be trusted. Legitimate moving companies are insured to protect themselves from potential lawsuits, and also to pay customers for any goods that may be damaged during the shipment. If the company doesn’t have insurance they will more likely than not be unable to pay back any customers for any problems that may occur.

5. The Company is Not Properly Licensed

If you’re a local company that only does moving within the same state you should check to be sure that they are properly licensed within the state that you live in. If you’re hiring movers for a cross-country move they should be licensed with the United States Department of Transportation. You can look the company up in the FMCSA’s system using the USDot Number that they provide to you.

6. There Are Complaints Filed With the FMCSA or BBB

It is wise to look up a company's complaint history before moving forward with working with them. If the company has any complaints it is a red flag because a customer felt strongly enough about the company to make a complaint against them. You can check a mover’s complaint history at. BBB or with the FMCSA using their USDot number.

7. The Company Has Bad Reviews

Although many companies may have a bad review here and there it is important to watch out for a massive amount of negative reviews. It can be very helpful to look at reviews online for many of these companies.

It is always important to be thorough with your search to avoid making any decision that could be harmful for you. As long as you take your time, avoid the red flags listed above, and don’t rush into any decisions you can be sure that you are going to have a successful move.



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