Alpen Sprint Master

Now there's a way to drill through steel even faster... with Alpen's Sprint Master and Alpen Pro


Alpen, Austria’s leading manufacturer of drill bits, has launched drill bits that offer a third shorter drilling time and three times longer service life.

Sprint Master is a universal twist drill bit that reduces the drilling time by a third due to optimised drill bit geometry. This is made possible by the innovative cutting edge. Another plus point is the extended life as a result of Alpen's high quality HSS steel and a special heat treatment process.

The Alpen Sprint Master is particularly suitable for use in hand-held drills or for machining alloyed and unalloyed steel.

Pro offers narrow tolerances and high concentricity. Besides having a reduced cross-cutting edge and an optimised drill bit core, the Pro also features a point angle of 135-degrees with a C-shaped point thinning. Due to the special split point, it is even faster and will last twice as long as other drill bits.





Alpen is a leading brand from Vermont Sales - visit their web site


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