All-in-one Tile Adhesive and Grout

Introducing the latest innovation from Saint-Gobain Weber - a simple and streamlined way to apply your tiles with all-in-one tile adhesive and grout.


As you may already know, conventional tile installation means using suitable adhesives and grout for wall and floors. This process can be time-consuming and, as most products are cementitious, they are susceptible to stains, grime and discolouration over time.

Weber.epox easy is a brand-new product that is a resin-based adhesive and grout all-in-one, not only to streamline the tiling process, but also to ensure an excellent outcome. The product has been specially formulated to provide very high bond strength and resilience.



  Lance Goodall, Technical Marketing Manager, Saint-Gobain Weber.

It's all in the name; weber.epox easy is a pleasure to use. The product mixes easily into a single paste and is exceptionally durable in its performance and is ideal for fixing tiles where a very high bond strength and flexibility are required. Unless it has hardened it can be cleaned with water while still workable, without any epoxy remover.






Manufactured under BSI Quality Assurance Scheme ISO 9001, it is highly suitable for equally well-suited across interior and exterior applications. This makes it ideal for areas such as bathrooms and pools in and around the home. As it offers less bacterial permeability, it is particularly ideal for industrial application areas such as in hospitals, laboratories, laundries, kitchens, dairies, abattoirs, breweries, distilleries, refrigerated rooms and car wash bays.

Over and above its in-built strength, impermeablity and flexibility, other benefits to working with the two-part, chemical resistant epoxy resin adhesive and grout are less working time, easy to use formulation and chemical resistance.

Watch the video below for more information on weber.epox easy.




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