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Festool cordless tool technology

Festool takes an industry lead in cordless tool technology, service, and innovation the German brand now dominates the top spot for quality, durability and range.


Festool is known for their advanced technology, specialist proven and tested tools by customers who rely on high expectations, from their tools. There is a good reason for this, as they work as professionals, often under difficult circumstances and need to rely on their tools to do the job and do it well. Therefore, Festool has designed, developed, and manufactured only the best power tools in the business.

Festool always wanted to lead the way in quality power tools and went out and created the most innovative highest quality power tools. The fact that they could do this has a lot to do with their close bond with all craftsmen in the carpentry, automotive, panel beating, engineering, construction and building industry. Doing the research and getting the feedback on their power tools, from these experts in the field. The result was their power tools being known as the ultimate power tools in the industry today.





"Festool have left nothing to chance every tool is a class act, when it comes to performance, features, quality, durability, ergonomics, technology, along with their innovative attachments, and the unique vacuums for their cutting tools, not to mention their state of the art packaging and storing systems for individual tools and multiple tool collections." said Ryan Hunt Sales Director Vermont Sales the official partner of Festool in Southern Africa.

Add their new State of the art Airstream charging system with integrated cooling function for their cordless power tools, the new battery and charging system reduces charging time by 65% plus keeping you informed on your current charge status on both the battery and the charger.

Another plus is Festool’s unique PowerSelect concept for their cordless power tools that guarantees your new or replacement batteries and Accessories at the MOST affordable price. Festool is the only manufacturer that markets their replacement or new batteries and additional accessories at a very affordable price, this is part of their unique International Power Select program.

"There is no other power tool operator in the country that offer this unique deal," said Greg de Villiers, Product Manager Festool and Vermont Sales. "All power tool buyers whoever they may be have had this problem over many years mainly on replacement, new or battery upgrades, the battery replacement is more or almost the same price as the complete new drill making it not worth replacing, this is certainly not the case with Festool," said de Villiers.

Then there is the Service all-inclusive: Festool offers an 'all-inclusive package' for their power tools. After purchasing and registering the tool, customers are automatically entitled to the following services: Repairs carried out and worn parts are replaced free of charge for the first 36 months, a new replacement tool in the event of theft for the first 36 months, a 15-day money-back guarantee and a 10-year guarantee of the availability of spare parts not any of the competitors in the industry can match all this.

"Our power tool experts at Vermont Sales, who have been with the company for many years, cannot believe what the Festool operation has achieved with their range of products," said Ryan Hunt Sales Director of Vermont Sales. "Every product has an edge, there is always something extra and special about their products, new ground breaking technology, their EC- TEC power plants, the comprehensive range that fits our customer’s needs, the accessory kits designed for the power tools, right down to the tool case Systainer systems that are simply brilliant." said Hunt.

The EC-TEC drive motors work like no other brand are individually designed by their research & development department to ensure they always reach maximum performance for the task. Therefore, Festool only applies the EC-TEC philosophy when it is clearly useful for the customer.

EC-TEC guaranties more performance from a single battery charge. EC-TEC does not just provide a high performance, but is also intelligent, by way of special power electronics, that always provide only enough energy as the work situation requires, it makes it possible to save energy and at the same time get significantly more from one battery charge.

The inner rotor moves in close proximity to 12 magnetic poles which work together with integrated sensors to continually send information about the current position of the rotor which ensures a smooth rotation of the motor and a precise RPM regulation. Finally, the third important factor is robustness. EC-TEC works without carbon brushes and while it is working, virtually wear free, it is also constantly checking important parameters like temperature and motor speed.

The Festool POWER SELECT cordless range includes:

All cordless drill drivers come with the CENTROTEC quick-release tool changers and some models with the CENTROTEC removable chuck- and quick-tool changer. The complete kits come in the state of the art Systainer cases giving you everything you need and more; chucks, quick tool changers, FastFix attachments, angle screw driver, eccentric screwdriver or depth stop screwdriver, two Li-ion batteries and quick charger. Festool say the QUADRIVE is like four-wheel drive for your drill, 4 metal gears drive the drills, for transmitting extreme power and speeds, making drilling, and screwing effortless, with 60 Nm of torque in first gear, no matter if you are working with wood or metal.

Festool is available at leading specialist outlets countrywide. For more information about the unique Festool brand visit