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Whether you like to holiday at the coast or go globe trotting, Airbnb helps make accommodation easy, enjoyable and safe. Plus, you can earn extra income at the same time.


From humble beginnings in 2008, Airbnb now offers millions of destinations to choose from, and setting up an account is free when you want to list a space or book unique accommodations anywhere in the world. From castles to tree houses, on Airbnb you will find them all, and your spare room or entire home could be making you extra money, which could be as much as R2000 per week.

When you register on Airbnb, you create an online listing and wait for requests to come in. With over 70 million users, Airbnb will soon direct enquiries your way. They verify personal profiles and listings, maintain a smart messaging system so hosts and guests can communicate, and manage a trusted platform to collect and transfer payments, with a 3% fee for the service.

Before listing your property on Airbnb, it's important to plan what needs to be done:





What can you offer?

Whether it's a spare room or an entire house, you will want to look at what you can offer potential clients. You want to attract guests but you also want to ensure that you also offer an experience, so that guests spread the word around.

If you're kitting out a spare room make sure you keep it simple but comfortable. Buy furniture that will last and furnishings that add to the decor. You want guests to have everything they need so they don't feel that they are intruding.

Air conditioning, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, ensuite bathroom, access to a pool, and good security, are what you would expect on holiday, and so will guests. Whatever accommodation you offer, be it average or luxury, be sure to specify when listing on Airbnb so guests know in advance what to expect.

What to charge

When creating your online listing and in order to attract guests, you will need to structure your pricing based on what you are offering. Be realistic and research online to see what others in your area are charging. Factor in costs such as electricity, water and cleaning services, as these costs need to be covered. Don't price yourself below the going rate if you want to make a profit.

Create an experience

Wherever you live, there's bound to be plenty to offer guests, so create a unique experience depending on your location. This can include a list of surrounding sights, local eateries, or unique entertainment that can be found in your area.

Cover all bases

While Airbnb offers certain guarantees and protection plans, make sure that your Homeowners Insurance is up to date to cover any eventuality. Make sure that your insurer is aware that you are renting out your property and that you require coverage for people other than those specified in your policy. Airbnb offer plenty of advice for Hosts to ensure that they can offer the best possible service to guests.