DIY Divas Router Workshop

This Saturday, the DIY Divas guys and gals got to grips with using a router for furniture projects.


When making your own furniture and decor accessories, investing in a router is definitely the way to go. With a router you can add a decorative edge to projects, cut slots, rebates and dadoes, or use to do plunge routing for decorative doors and drawer fronts.

This Saturday, the DIY Divas in Randpark Ridge hosted a Router Workshop that looked at the basic of using a router for the first time. The guys and gals made their own laptop / bath tray, with an angled slot to hold a cellphone or tablet and a wine glass holder - for those who love to relax in the bathtub!





Those attending the Router Workshop found out more about using a router for a variety of projects, the different types of router bits, as well as using a router table.


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