Business Electricity Quotes: SMEs vs Large Enterprises

We look at the two types of sectors in business utilities: SME and large enterprise.





When asking for business electricity quotes from energy suppliers, one of the main factors that they take into account in providing you tailored prices is the size of your company. Business energy is available to both SMEs or small to medium-sized enterprises and large companies. How are they different when it comes to electricity quotations? How can I know if my company is an SME? How can I find quotes that best suit the type of my company? If you, too, want these questions answered, keep reading as we explain below the essential information you need to know about SME s and large enterprises.


Business Electricity Quotes

Among the first steps in finding reliable energy suppliers you can switch to is asking for quotations from them. An electricity quote is where you can find the prices or rates offered by the supplier. In domestic electricity, the rate is generic and the same for every household, meaning no matter how small or big your home is, you pay the same rate as your neighbours. But this is not the same with business electricity and other commercial utilities. Every supplier is expected to offer different plans and deals depending on a couple of factors, which your company type or size is one of them. For business energy, electricity can be bought in bulk, the higher the average amount of your energy consumption or the bigger your company is, the lower the rates providers are going to offer to you.


There are two types of sectors in business utilities: SME and large enterprise.



SME is short for small to medium-sized enterprises, a collective term for businesses with less than 250 employees. As we mentioned earlier, your company size matters with business energy suppliers. That is why you will notice that offers for larger enterprises are lower than for SMEs. There are also three types of SMEs: micro-businesses (less than ten employees), small businesses (10 to 49), and medium-sized (50 to 249)


Large Enterprises

Those companies with 250 employees and above are considered large enterprises. Because of the amount of energy they are expected to consume, their quotations are in MWh or megawatt-hour. For large companies, business owners should know the price of 1 MWh electricity.


How to request business electricity quotations?

Nowadays, asking for quotations from suppliers is as easy as counting. Almost all of the energy providers have websites that allow their current and future clients to access their services and contact them quickly. Most of them now have a portion on their site where interested clients can type in their business information on a form that can analyse their answers and automates quotations or estimates of plans that can be offered to them. If you like the number you see, you can go ahead with the supplier, which you can also apply online.

If you want a faster and easier way to find business electricity quotes, hire a utility broker to assist you. Your utility broker can find you multiple offers from different suppliers, which they can immediately write up a comprehensive report on which deals and suppliers they recommend the most.





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