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Remove dark stains from toilet

I receive plenty of enquiries from readers who have a problem with stains in their toilet or old porcelain tubs and hand basins. Mostly caused by hard water and metals, these stains are impossible to remove with supermarket-bought cleaners.


Don't despair, there is a solution that works. The first time I tried this method I was afraid that I would ruin my toilet, but it really works. It requires no chemicals, only a bit of elbow grease. Get a pumice stone.Make sure that it is made of 100%  pumice. Pumice is organic rock formed from lava. It is softer than the vitreous china that makes up a  toilet bowl.

Pop on some rubber gloves and rub-a-dub-scrub the offending stain and hard crusty ring in the bowl. Swish the bowl and flush. Now step back and be amazed!

GOOD TO KNOW: This method is not recommended for all toilets, as it can remove the outer protecting glaze. For a more eco-friendly method try this alternative.








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