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Adorable Teepee Pet Beds

Teepees are a wonderful idea for pet beds, and you can easily make your own using pine dowels and some colourful or patterned fabric, or order direct from Pipolli.

If you have a dog, you'll want to keep your beloved pet happy. A comfortable pet bed is a must-have, and if you can have a comfortable pet bed that also harmonises with your home decor - even better. Pipolli manufacture a range of teepee beds, which you can order online and have shipped to SA. Or you can gather together a few basic materials and make your own.

Use the instructions here - on a smaller scale - to make an adorable teepee bed for your pet. Or see the video at the bottom of this page for easy step-by-step instructions for a pet teepee.

IIf you decide to make your own, wrap the frame in a durable, easy to keep clean cotton fabric that can be washed as often as necessary. Also allow for a cover that can be easily removed and popped into the washing machine. Shop at your local fabric store for fabrics with stripes, polka dots or patterns in colours that complement your home, and the teepee pet bed will be a cute accent piece.





Video instructions for making a pet teepee: