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Clutter-free home for a new year

It's great to kick off a new year with a new start, but January is usually the month where we get organised for back to school, back to work, and back to schedule. This year, let February be the month for a new beginning - a clutter-free home that will make you feel in control of your life.


Living Room or Family Room

Your living room or family room is probably where you spend the most time. It's a room for gathering together and socialising. It's also the room that often collects clutter, especially if there is insufficient storage space.

Consider investing in storage units with shelves or/or doors - or make your own - to provide plenty of extra storage for items that usually clutter up the room. You can use a storage unit for books, CDs or DVDs, that are neatly stored out of sight behind closed doors.




As the heart of the home, the kitchen is one room where we spend a lot of time. Whether you store your food in a pantry or kitchen cupboards, take the time to give them a thorough de-clutter. Start from scratch by emptying out all the cupboards and shelves and tossing out everything that’s out of date, broken, or hasn't been used in the last two years. Once you've done that you can give the cupboards and shelves a good wipe down.

Entrance Hall

The entrance to any home gives the first impression, so it makes sense to have an entrance or hallway that's mess-free and it takes minimal effort to decorate this area into a welcoming space.

Most entrances - if space allows - have a single piece of furniture such as a hall table, storage bench, or elegant console. In a small space you can opt for a smaller design, or make something to fit.

Family and Guest Bathrooms

Bathrooms are notoriously messy, especially a bathroom used by the entire family. You need to think outside the box to ensure a bathroom stays clutter-free. I wish manufacturers were a bit more imaginative when it comes to designing bathroom vanities, which always seem to lack a decent amount of storage space!

It's essential to clear out as much clutter as possible by getting rid of anything that’s passed its use-by date or that shouldn't be in the bathroom.


We all know how bedrooms can become filled with clutter. Whether it's last season's clothes that have nowhere to go, or because the bedroom can easily be a dumping ground for other rooms.


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