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Displaying a child's artwork

It's a precious time indeed when children bring home their artwork. That first masterpiece that is made with love and presented with joy is only the first in many, many, many works of art that will be brought home for you to display.


With that thought in mind, we thought we would put together a collection of ideas on displaying art in your home, without using Prestik or sellotape to hang them on the fridge door!

Paint a few mismatched frames the same colour and hang them on the wall for an eclectic display. Switch up the artwork in the frames when new pieces come in!

No need for hammer and nails with this decorative framing - just stick it around your kid’s latest masterpiece, no matter how big (or oddly-shaped!) it is. There are a variety of tapes at your local hardware store, from duct tape in various colours, to metallic tapes.



Here's a great idea from a little of this, a little of that. Clips are glued directly onto timber boards that are fastened to the wall. Now you can change and arrange children's artwork as and when you need to.

Using softboard is an easy way to add a notice board to any room or area in a home. I found this idea on pinterest and realised that this is a nice way to put children's art on display, as well as contain all those notes and invitations for kiddies parties. Softboard is very light and you will only need a couple of picture hooks to hang onto a wall.

Another quick and easy way to display childrens art, this one from Real Simple magazine, is to drape string or ribbon along a wall and use clothes pegs to attach art or pictures. This ties in nicely with our feature on using fabric scraps - decorate the pegs with scraps of colourful fabric.

Love this idea. Memo boards are spray painted and then attached to the wall with double-sided tape. Now you can make a feature of your child's artwork without cluttering up the walls in your home, and the kids can add and change their art when they want to.

Making a timber frame is the perfect option for those renting a home. If the landlord won't let you bang picture hooks into the wall, building a timber frame lets you hang up as much as you like - without any holes!

And last but not least, for those who love to treasure and display their children's artworks - a complete wall. Divided into three separate sections, this wall has a magnetic board, a chalkboard and a board for wall art and notices.

Rust-Oleum manufactures paint-on magnetic and chalkboard paints that you will find on the shelf at your local Builders Warehouse.


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