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DIY: 5 Ways To Get Rid Of Termites In Your Home

In this article, we’ll outline some of the most effective tips for getting rid of termites in the home.






A pest infestation in the home can be a nuisance, and nothing beats termites, giving you headaches and problems. Termites can cause a variety of problems. They can cause structural damage and ruin the aesthetics of your home. What’s even worse is that most home insurance policies don’t cover the damage caused by termites. This makes it extremely difficult to get rid of them without professional help.

Fast and effective action is needed to get rid of termites in your home. You’ll also want to know the signs of termite infestation in your house before they can cause damage.

In this article, we’ll outline some of the most effective tips for getting rid of these pests.


1. Look For Signs Of Infestation

The signs of termite infestation depend on the species of termites. Now there are two common types of termites that tend to invade homes: subterranean and drywood. For example, subterranean termites require a moist environment to live in. They make nests underground and tunnels as they burrow their way into your home’s foundation.

On the contrary, drywood termites feed and live on wood. So, you should check any parts of your house that are made from wood including furniture, as they may already be damaged by drywood termites.

Termites often shed their wings once they have a mate, and you may see a pile of discarded wings. This is a common sign of termite infestation. Also, drywood termites usually leave feces that resemble sawdust.


2. Expose Them To Sunlight

Exposing them directly to sunlight is one of the most effective ways of fighting termites. They like to live in moist and dark environments, making them highly vulnerable to sunlight. You can easily get rid of them by leaving your wooden furniture in the sun for a few days as a natural treatment method. Termites can’t stand the heat and will die easily. This method also helps eliminate moisture which removes the possibility of termites thriving inside your wooden furniture again. This treatment strategy usually works well in summer since termites can’t withstand heat.

It’s also smart if you dust off the furniture properly and apply a termite spray on it before bringing it back inside the house. You can also do the same for unaffected items to ensure they remain termite-free.


3. Set Up Some Cardboard Traps

Another easy DIY treatment solution for termite control is using cardboard traps. Cardboard traps are made of cellulose and have a woody odor that termites cannot stand. If you want to prevent these pesky pests from damaging your wooden furniture and other valuable things, you should set up some cardboard traps around your house.

Cardboard traps are very enticing for termites, so you should expect a lot of them after flipping the cardboard over. Of course, use gloves as you carry the cardboard outside and burn it along with the termites.

Just don’t expect this DIY method to get rid of all of them, though. However, it can certainly get rid of plenty of them and prevent them from getting into your valuables. It’s also an ideal solution for those homeowners who have little time on their hands for termite control.





4. Use Boric Acid

Using boric acid is another effective solution for getting rid of termites on your own. It eliminates all sorts of bugs such as termites, roaches, and ants.

All you need to do is mix it with propylene glycol and apply it. You can apply the substance to the infested areas of wooden furniture. Wear safety gloves when applying this solution because it is toxic to your skin.

Boric acid is effective in getting rid of termites, but it may not be safe for you or your pets. It is a powerful solution that must be applied with safety equipment and great care around children.


5. Declutter Your Home

If you suspect you have a termite infestation, it is important to declutter your home to make it less attractive to these pests. Keeping your home clean and dry will help to keep termites at bay.

Checking your home for termites early on can save you time and money. Don't wait until they've eaten everything and infested the house before taking action.


Final Thoughts

If you think the termite infestation in your home is too much for you to handle, you can always rely on professionals. Termite infestations can be difficult to detect because termites spend most of their time hidden in out-of-the-way places. However, a professional can spot these signs and act quickly to eliminate the problem.






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