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Quick Tip: Home Office Facelift

Give your home office a much-needed facelift with these easy decorating tips.


 matt harrington

The home office transformation above illustrates how a few basic changes can totally revamp a boring room into a place where you love spending time.

Interior designer, Mike Harrison, totally revamped this pretty average space with a completely new look - with the addition of a few accessories that you can buy at most home decor stores around the country. Here are a few designer tips and tricks to use when giving your home office a facelift.

Add Some Style

Even if you don't entertain guests in your home office, it should still reflect your personality and style. A few select accessories are all that is needed to boost the atmosphere in the space and make it feel less utilitarian and soulless. You don't need to spend a fortune either; shop around for the best buys that fit in with your budget and the style of the room.

Accessories don't have to be office-related, you can also incorporate more homey accessories such as artwork, a decorative lamp, and even a few personal framed photos.





Get The Lighting Right

Lighting for any home office is important, especially in a room with little or no natural light. A central light fitting is standard is most rooms, but also look at adding a floor or table lamp for accent lighting and task lighting for the desktop. Decorative light fittings also lend to the atmosphere and up the ambience in your home office.

Introduce Colour

In a room that is bland - use decor accessories and soft furnishings to layer the room with texture and colour. Bringing in your favourite colours will elevate the space instantly. Shop for plain or patterned cushions in colours that complement the setting, and don't forget to add comfort underfoot with a stylish patterned rug.

Swap Out Items

If you feel that certain pieces don't add anything to the room - replace these as and when the budget allows. For example: In this home office facelift, the office chair was replaced with a more comfortable and stylish seating option. You don't necessarily have to replace furniture - if there is an option to recover or reupholster, look at the cost as a more affordable alternative.

Bring Nature Indoors

It's amazing how greenery can make a difference. Even a small potted plant will freshen up a small home office, while a vase of colourful blooms

Keep Clutter Contained

If you're not naturally an organised person, make sure there is plenty of storage options to keep your home office clutter-free. Storage boxes and baskets are ideal for this task and these functional pieces add another textural element to the room.



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