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Easy DIY Home Office Desk

If you need a stylish desk for your home office, follow the instructions below to make this super-easy plywood desk with hairpin legs.


Making the desk will only take about an hour if you have the plywood cut to size at your local Builders Warehouse. Once assembled, you have the option to stain and seal, or leave as is and apply wax to protect the finish.


2 of 600 x 1200mm 16mm pine plywood - top / base

3 of 100 x 600mm 16mm pine plywood - dividers

Hairpin legs [4] and 16mm screws

Wood glue

120- and 180-grit sandpaper


Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Tape measure and pencil

Quick clamps

Buy everything you need for this project at Builders Warehouse.






1. Carefully inspect the cut pieces and select the best face for the outside of the desk and sand the cut edges to remove any loose plywood or splinters.

2. If you are going to stain and/or seal it is best to do this before assembly. After assembly it will be difficult to stain inside the desk cubbies/shelves.

3. Being the assembly by gluing the dividers onto the base. Leave for about an hour. Place a bead of glue the top edge of the dividers. Carefully place the top onto the dividers and clamp overnight.

GOOD TO KNOW: This is the ideal project for a Biscuit Joiner. With slots at the top and bottom of the dividers, and slots in the top and base, it's easy to fit everything together with biscuits and wood glue.

4. Finally, mark in 50mm from the edges to attach the hairpin legs to the base.


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