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6 Essential Gadgets for Studying at a University

Check out this list of the 6 most essential objects any college student should have to finish the college successfully and almost effortlessly.




Academic life can, at times, be hard to manage. Wouldn't the lectures, assignments, and exams be difficult enough to handle on their own, there is always the party life you don't want to miss and bring together. College is all about the ability to find the right balance between studying and social life.

A new roommate, a complicated subject, a demanding professor… Each semester brings brand-new challenges, both personal and educational. Students turn over a new leaf and set goals they haven't yet achieved. Such circumstances make any possible kind of help at a premium.

Fortunately, some simple yet effective gadgets may become your new university buddies, if not life-savers. They are all easy to use and seamlessly accessible on the market. If you consider yourself a stereotypical student, a.k.a, with little money on you, you can always go to and check out what options are the most penny-wise.

Here is a list of 6 most essential objects any college student should have to finish the college successfully and almost effortlessly.


An Ethernet cable or a WiFi router

No matter if you are going to use it to look for information or text your friends, internet access is a must. There are two possible ways to go about it.

1. Ethernet cable. The most common type of network cable - it connects several devices such as PCs, routers, and switches. Some dorms may have ethernet cables as a part of their furnishing. However, those cables have been used by many other students before you. Can you imagine the condition they are in right now? It would be better if you had your own.

2. WiFi router. The dormitory may have its WiFi, but surely it is a slow one. Not that it is terrible itself, but with so many people using it at once, it is overloaded. Having your WiFi router will give you the freedom and pleasure of using the internet wherever you need at the desired speed.


Laptop stand

A laptop is too obvious to mention. It is unimaginable to go through university not having, or at least using one. There is, however, a less obvious laptop accessory that may help you a lot - a laptop stand. It is a thing to place a laptop on and raise it off any surface, e.g., table or bed. There are numerous advantages a laptop stand will give you. Some of them include:

        ● Comfort while typing
        ● Reduced back pain
        ● Better organization of your desk
        ● Adjustable angle to make your work the most comfortable
        ● The flexibility of use and relocate
        ● Improved airflow of your laptop


Noise-canceling headphones

It is an ideal solution when you want to study in quiet, but your roommate is in a party mood. With all the fun that collages are, they are also a hard place to find a peaceful corner. Sometimes a pair of noise-canceling headphones is what you will need. If you are not a fan of those large headphones, you can always go for earbuds. They may not be as effective, though.


A flash drive

You should have one to be safe. If you rely on the wireless solutions only, the responsibility is on you. Imagine you have kept all your files on some internet drive, and the dorm's WiFi suddenly goes down. A flash drive kept around would be of great help.


A desk lamp

There is one thing you can be sure about the university. You will study a lot, and you will study for long hours. Good artificial light is vital. The blue light produced by the computer students continuously looks at is extremely tiring for the eyes. Let them rest a little with a yellow light produced by the desk lamp. One fresh innovation you may want to consider is a desk lamp with a built-in wireless phone charger.



Although it is probably the most expensive gadget of all the listed above, it is worth giving it a shot. No fancy printer is needed, the most basic one will do. There are various places on college campuses where you can find printers for public use, you may say. True, but they will probably be occupied. If you have to print the paper urgently, it is better to have the device for your private use.



Surviving college is not an easy task. Using some of the techs - gadgets mentioned above can make your life a lot easier. Remember, you can always take a step further and look up other devices that will help you make the most out of your university experience.




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