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5 Home Office Desks you can Make

If you're looking to set up a home office, we have put together a selection of 10 home office desks you can make.


Setting up a home office can be a fun process as long as you consider all the elements. Just like any room in a home, you can decorate a home office to fit your personality, no matter whether your home office is just a space for running a small home-based business, a satellite office to do your daily paperwork and follow ups for your company, or a place to sit down and do your monthly bills and accounts.





There are plenty of sites on the Internet that offer ideas for a DIY home office desk, but what's the use if you don't have the skills to make it, or you can't buy the materials to make your own desk. Be practical. Look for home office desk ideas that you can make yourself - even with basic DIY skills, and that you can easily buy the materials you need to make your desk at any Builders store or Builders Warehouse. Let's be honest, if you decide to make your own desk, you want the process to be as easy and as painless as possible.



Trestle Desk

Trestle desks are still hip and trendy and very easy to make, plus it shouldn't cost you much to buy all the materials and supplies to make your own trestle desk - or use reclaimed pallets to make a pair of trestles. - or buy our pine trestles. You could even go as far as buying ready-made trestles for your desk. Builders supply a variety of designs in steel and pine that are perfect for a home office desk. Once you have your trestles, simply paint and pop on a hollow-core door for the desktop.

Hollow-core interior doors are an inexpensive option for a desktop. Priced from around R200 for a plain door or around R350 for a veneered door, buying a hollow-core door makes the DIY option so much easier.



Wood Desk

Making your own home office desk allows you to be creative and even save money if you use reclaimed pallet or wood. There are plenty of ideas on Home-Dzine for making the drawer units or pedestals in reclaimed pallet wood, pine or plywood, and then it's simply a matter of adding a top of your choice. The top for your desk can be a hollow-core or solid wood door, a piece of 10mm-thick tempered glass, or simply a piece of laminated pine cut to size.

Your DIY skills will determine the size of the project you can tackle yourself, but even a beginner DIY enthusiast can add some hairpin legs to a wooden top. Builders Warehouse stock laminated pine in various widths (up to 600mm wide) and in lengths of 1800mm, 2400mm and 3000mm. If you prefer a thicker top than laminated pine (19mm), you can easily buy PAR pine in a thickness up to 67mm and laminate (glue) these together to make your own desktop.

Live edge furniture is trendy right now and you can probably shop around at timber merchants and salvage yards to pick up pieces to design your own desk. Live edge simply means that the timber has not been trimmed around the edges and has its original form but without the bark.

For those with more advanced DIY skills, it's fairly easy to make your own home office desk in a weekend. You have the option to build the desk using PAR and laminated pine, or opt for more expensive hardwood options if you want to build a heirloom piece.

Start off by looking at do-able designs, and you will find plenty of ideas on Pinterest and Instagram. With your design in hand, look at what materials and hardware are available locally. I love to browse my local Builders Warehouse to see what's new and also for ideas for future projects. Nowadays it's easy to go online to see what's available - although you do need to know the names of what you are looking for!



Glass Topped Desks

If you want to add a bit of class to your home office, glass-topped desks might be a bit pricey, but they definitely look good in a modern or contemporary home office. You can have tempered glass cut to any size, have the edges bevelled or sanded, and even have glass sandblasted. Contact your nearest glass supplier for prices on this option.

If you love the idea of a glass top desk, make up a timber frame, or have someone make a steel frame to support the glass top. Only have tempered or reinforced glass for the table top and ensure the frame offers plenty of support.



Industrial Desk

For a home office desk that's a bit more edgy, think Steampunk design with galvanised pipe, or Industrial design with steel shelving.

If you like the idea of a galvanised pipe or industrial shelving desk, pop onto Google and search for suppliers in your area. Incledon supplies a wide range of galvanised pipe and fittings, but there are other suppliers as well.



Secondhand or Repurposed Desk

One option for a home office desk that only requires some TLC is to re-purpose furniture you already have, or shop around for secondhand furniture that can be given a makeover.

Shopping for secondhand furniture doesn't necessarily mean to be on the lookout for desks alone, sometimes you may be pleasantly surprised at how unusual items, like the sewing table below, can be turned into a desk for a home office.

If you're in need of a large desk, a secondhand dining table is just the thing. You can sand and paint with acrylic or chalk paint, or sand and seal or varnish to restore a piece to almost original condition.

Keep an open mind when shopping for a piece to turn into a desk for your home office. There are many pieces of furniture that will serve as a home office desk, and that can be painted to match your personal style or decor in your office.



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