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Make your home attractive to buyers

Research shows that in 2019 properties are taking longer to sell so it's important to make your home attractive to buyers.


Research for 2019 indicates that homes are taking longer to sell. It is imperative that Sellers not only continue to keep their price expectations in check but when in a buyer’s market it is also absolutely crucial that they take measures to make their property more attractive than the rest.

Boost your kerb appeal

Kerb appeal is important, as this is what interested buyers see first. It's always a good idea to have fresh eyes take a look at how your home presents itself, so ask a friend to come round and give their honest opinion - or listen to the suggestions made by your estate agent.





Here are a few items to consider:

Ensure that the exterior of your home is up to par. Exterior finishes should be in good condition, and that includes a fresh coat or two of paint on exterior walls, roof and gutters in good repair, and extras like flowerbeds and lawns that are trimmed and weed-free. Any clutter should be removed from the premises.

Any oil stains on a driveway should be cleaned up to present the most kerb appeal

Windows and doors must be in good condition, and any cracked or broken window panes replaced. Give windows a good cleaning before showing and also ensure that the view through the windows is just as good and that curtains look attractive.

Refresh exterior doors, or wash paintwork, and polish handles and locks, oil hinges and tighten doorknobs.



View interiors with a critical eye

When buyers walk into your home you want to make a good impression. What is the first thing they see when entering the front door? Are floors and carpets in good condition?

First and foremost, get rid of clutter. A cluttered space looks untidy and tells buyers that there isn't enough storage space. So pack away what you can and toss out what you don't need.

Scrubbing tiles and grout will rejuvenate tired floors, and for a carpeted room consider hiring a professional steam cleaning company. This will also get rid of any odours, including pet odours, that might be off-putting to buyers,

If you have pets, arrange for these to be looked after when putting your house on show. Pets on the premises will immediately have prospective buyers on guard for odours and pet damage.

Dust all your light fittings and replace broken on non-functional globes.



Spruce up your outdoor areas

Polished or cleaned outdoor furniture will help to enhance this area. Add a few colourful cushions to freshen up the area and make it appealing.

If you have a swimming pool, it must be sparkling clean. Where there is algae growth that has marked the finish, consider calling in the experts and have the pool acid washed and treated with chemicals.

Stage a home for photos

These days many buyers start their search online - and photos of your home should reflect a neat, tidy and presentable image to attract buyers. Staging a home for a photo shoot will ensure plenty of interested buyers through the door.

Adapted from article by Propery24




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