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The 8 Things Every Family-oriented Parent Looks for in a Neighborhood

Here's a roundup of 8 things you'll want to put on your checklist when deciding on the perfect neighborhood for you and your family.


Everyone wants to live in a good, clean and safe neighborhood, but it becomes even more crucial if you're a parent. As a parent, you'll be wanting more specific features and perks in a neighborhood.

So, here's a roundup of 8 things you'll want to put on your checklist when deciding on the perfect neighborhood for you and your family.

1. Schools:

The type of schools will have heavy clout in your decision. When you find the neighborhood you like, visit the schools in person and see if they match your criteria of what you want for your kids’ school.

2. Strong community:

We all know about the 'neighbor from hell'. So get a feel of the entire community. Notice if you see kids playing around together, or if families are doing activities together.

3. Downtown:

Quiet is good, but there are times you want more action, more places and things to do. Maybe you love the city you're already living in and want an apartment. So if you’re looking for housing in Washington DC, Brandon Palmer from Daro Apartments explains that it’s best to invest in real estate that is in vibrant communities with plenty of amenities nearby.

4. Commute:

Where you work will also have a strong impact on your decision. You might love the neighborhood, but if it's just too far from where you work, you might not love the daily commute you will have to do daily.

5. Nearby park:

Especially during the early years when your kid is still a tot, a nearby park or other gathering area for families is very helpful. Better even if it's walking distance. Everyone knows children can get restless and need to run around and play often in open areas. As they get older, they'll be able to go to the park on their own.

6.Crime rate:

'Safety' is a very broad term. So you want to check the actual crime rate in a neighborhood and there are tools online to help you do just that. With a quick search, you can find out what kinds of crimes happen and reported incidents.

7. Lifestyle:

Your lifestyle is bound to change when you have children, but some things will remain with you. All people have things they can do without and things they can't live without. Does the neighborhood suit your lifestyle is a question to ask yourself. It's easier to search some more than changing an important part of your lifestyle.

8. Medical care:

It's important that a hospital or clinic is somewhere nearby. Children get sick all the time and they have a knack for doing it fast. So you need something close by to receive quick medical attention.


It's really a matter of prioritization and seeing what is important to you. Some things you definitely want and some things you could sacrifice. Of course finding something that suits your budget is a priority. But when it's about the welfare of your family, you might want to spend more for their well being. It's a big investment and you want to get it right for you and your family.



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