What Style of Kitchen Would Suit You Best?

If you are thinking of revamping your kitchen or having a new kitchen fitted spend some time thinking about the style of kitchen that would be best for you.






We list a selection of kitchen styles in order of their popularity:


1. Modern Shaker Kitchen

Simplistic in their design with a minimal amount of fuss put into detail, today's modern shaker-style kitchens are nothing like their predecessors. The modern shaker kitchen gets its name by adopting the plain design from the English Quaker colonists that arrived in the U.S. during the 1700s. This peaceful group were known for their abhorrence of anything fussy and love of nature. The name 'Shaking Quakers' was given due to their practice of dramatic shaking during worship.



Modern shaker kitchens don't necessarily have to have wooden furniture or decoration and, in fact, most of the modern shaker kitchens are built using manufactured board products sparsely embellished and painted in muted colours.





One design element that features predominantly in a modern shaker kitchen is the 'framing' of doors, cabinets and drawers. This ties in with the liminal decoration but also provides clean lines that tie in nicely with some of the modern hardware designs trending.



Modern shaker kitchens have clean and simple lines but add more warmth and personality than a modern kitchen design.





If you love the idea of a modern shaker kitchen, stick to the following design guides:

  • Minimalistic design that has no need for fussy detailing or over-embellishment
  • Muted colour palette in hues of light grey or blue are popular with modern shaker style
  • Wooden elements, hardware and decor accessories infuse warmth into a shaker kitchen
  • Butcher block or wood countertops or other organic elements are favoured over manufactured materials
  • Doors and face panels have a raised border surrounding a flat centre panel
  • Furniture that reflects care and attention to detail without excessive ornamentation







2. Modern Kitchen

A modern kitchen is all about functionality and making the utmost use of available space while still offering an uncluttered aesthetic. It is all about clean, sleek lines and the latest in appliances and kitchen technology. This is a style that will fit into a kitchen of any size, small or large and allows you to select colours that reflect your personality or that blend in with the design of the home.



Today's modern kitchens are not about glossy finishes but more towards the use of natural materials that enhance the overall look and feel of a kitchen. Think waterfall countertops or an expansive kitchen island that provides the dual function of both kitchen prep and entertaining. You are free to incorporate modern technology for kitchen fittings and innovative design to make the most of the available space.





Sleek and simple drive modern design for kitchens and the less is best approach is easily met by designing a kitchen that meets your wants and needs. We are lucky to live in a time when innovation and technology are striving to achieve a balance between organic materials meets modern design and we have access to more materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable, as well as energy efficient. These are important keywords to keep in mind when meeting with a kitchen designer or installer.



A modern kitchen might not be to everyone's taste but it has a place in a chic home where the homeowner appreciates technology and innovation.





These are the essential elements of a modern kitchen:

  • Sleek, streamlined cabinet design that flows throughout the space
  • Simple unadorned cabinets enhanced with a matt or gloss finish
  • Minimalist hardware or complete absence in favour of finger-touch cabinet door technology
  • Plenty of task and accent lighting around the kitchen
  • Use of sustainable materials in the design
  • Modern appliances that focus on energy efficiency







3. Rustic or Shabby Chic Kitchen

Far more relaxed and informal than other kitchen designs, a rustic or shabby chic kitchen features plenty of organic elements and is wrapped in a warm colour palette. Rustic kitchens have more focus on natural or raw finishes while shabby chic adds a touch of vintage style with white-painted finishes roughened to give them a roughened and aged patina.





As with a modern shaker kitchen, the colour palette for a rustic or shabby chic kitchen is subdued but you will find pops of colour throughout the space as well as warm metallic elements such as copper and bronze. Fresh flowers or pot plants are in abundance and a windowsill of potted herbs is the norm in a rustic or shabby chic kitchen.



Unlike many other kitchen designs, rustic and shabby chic thrive on organised clutter making them the ideal kitchen choice for those who prefer a casual and relaxed vibe.





The following design elements can be found in a rustic or shabby chic kitchen:

  • Vintage wood furniture both with a natural or painted finish is a must for these kitchen styles
  • A muted colour palette in white, pink, blue or green is a trademark for both styles but particularly shabby chic
  • Antique light fittings for a rustic kitchen contrast against a vintage chandelier or two for a shabby chic kitchen
  • Embellishments can be found aplenty with detailed cabinet hardware, floral-print fabrics and decorative wall art
  • Nature-inspired environment with vases of fresh flowers, potted herbs and indoor plants
  • The copious use of raw wood or organic elements for countertops, cabinets, shelves and accessories


4. Contemporary Kitchen

Think cutting-edge design that incorporates the use of innovative materials and a minimalistic style and you will have a contemporary kitchen design. Cabinets are almost seamless with full-overlay doors and lack of ornamentation. However, that does not mean this style lacks any form of decoration. A contemporary kitchen usually has a dramatic eye-catching feature or two that incorporates new materials or trends.





A contemporary kitchen style endorses clean lines and uncluttered decoration as well as the use of a neutral or natural colour palette with a single accent to provide a splash of colour.





Here are elements you can expect in a contemporary kitchen design:

  • The use of cutting-edge materials for cabinets, fixtures and fittings
  • Neutral or organic colour palette with a single accent colour
  • Clean minimalist design with a lack of decoration or embellishments
  • Uncluttered countertops
  • Cabinets that feature waterfall countertops of organic or innovative materials
  • High-tech appliances with high energy-efficient ratings and filled with features
  • Modern or contemporary lighting throughout







5. Traditional Kitchen

The traditional kitchen will always be a popular choice for many homeowners and is a timeless classic when it comes to kitchen styles. Elegant cabinet design, granite or marble countertops, traditional-style lighting and plenty of cabinet space for storage and countertops that span from end to end.





A more modern take on traditional design is to bring traditional kitchens into the 21st century and is easily achieved by lightening dark wood cabinetry, either by using a lighter or blonde wood or using painting techniques.





Below are some of the common elements you will find in traditional kitchen design:

  • Wood cabinetry in lighter woods or with a white painted finish and decorative or raised detail on door panels
  • Ceramic, porcelain or nature stone tiling on floors and walls
  • Spacious countertops in granite, marble or quartz and cabinets that offer plenty of storage
  • A combination of modern and classic light fittings
  • Ornate kitchen hardware that incorporates vintage design
  • Crown moulding and millwork on wooden fixtures and fittings with antique elements and leather accents
  • A colour palette of grey or brown hues with a single bold colour accent

Whatever kitchen design style appeals to you, make sure that you incorporate all the elements you need for a practical kitchen where you will love to spend time.





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