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What Colour would you like for your Kitchen?

With painting a kitchen being the latest trend for a kitchen makeover, what colour would you like to paint your kitchen?



With the advancement in paint products and painting techniques, painting kitchen cabinets and cupboards has never been easier. We have seen kitchen cupboards that have been painted with spray paint, ones that have been chalk painted and more than a few where a paint gun has been used to apply paint. Now that we have the process sorted, what about the paint colour?



A white kitchen used to be the main choice as concerns a colour for cabinets and cupboards, but not anymore. We are now seeing kitchens with so many different colour combinations it's becoming more and more difficult to settle on one colour you love. The worst thing you can do is browse Instagram or Pinterest for ideas because before you know it, you will love so many different colour options you will have no idea where to start!









How to Choose a Paint Colour for Your Kitchen

When you decide it is time to paint your kitchen cabinets and cupboards, the first thing you need to decide upon is a colour palette. You can't just walk into a paint store and check out paint swatches before you at least have some idea of the direction you want to go with. You like blue... is that light blue, dark blue, glacier blue, robin's egg blue, and so on. There are just too many colour options for you to make an instant decision unless, of course, you have already set your mind on a particular colour.


Choosing the perfect paint colour is important if you want to love your kitchen. Don't bother painting anything if you are not sure of the colour. Painting kitchen cabinets is not a quick and easily done-in-a-day paint job. A proper painting job requires lots of preparation beforehand, sanding down and repairing cupboards, removing doors, masking off and only after all this do you get down to the painting. What a waste of time and money when you finish painting everything to discover you don't like it - and this has happened, believe me. It is not so much about the wasted money spent on the paint, but the time and effort that went into the job that must now be repeated all over again.



Make sure you get the colour choice right before you paint!







Blue Kitchens

By now, everyone knows that the colour blue has a calming effect mainly because it evokes a sense of being in touch with nature; the sea and sand under a blue sky lit by sunshine. Blue, and especially lighter hues, make you feel serene and at peace and that's one of the reasons that blue is a popular choice for kitchens.



It was only a few years ago that painted kitchens gained popularity, thanks in the main to the technology applied to paint products. Whereas paint was not even considered for anything other than walls, we now use today's paints for everything including walls. There are just so many paint products to choose from and, after selecting the right colour to paint your kitchen cupboards and cabinets, the next hardest decision will be to decide on what paint to use for the project.



After deciding that blue is your favourite colour for painting the kitchen, you then need to decide on the shade; would you prefer a light or dark blue on cabinets or cupboards?



Blue is a trendy colour for kitchens right now, and especially a light or glacier blue that instantly brings a clean look to kitchens large and small. It is also the perfect colour choice in a smaller kitchen or one that doesn't receive a lot of natural light. This calming colour brings soothing energy to the kitchen.



The colour navy is popular now, but that could change in an instant. Dark blue is preferred by many to a lighter colour because it is easier to keep clean. My personal thinking on that is that the kitchen is always kept clean so why worry about dirt.



Green Kitchens

While grey remains the most popular colour palette for kitchen cupboards and cabinets, different hues of green - both light and dark shades - are also on the list of kitchen colour options. Like everything else, it is all a matter of personal preference. My favourite colour is blue while someone else's colour may be green, or yellow or red. Don't be governed by here-to-day-gone-tomorrow trends, paint your kitchen cupboards and cabinets in the colour you prefer, after all, you must live with the decision.


The colour green is obviously associated with nature, but it is also the colour for balance and harmony, so why wouldn't you want green in your kitchen. Green can also stimulate powerful emotions and provide a soothing balm to your overworked senses. It is a wonderful colour for a chef's kitchen or someone who uses their kitchen for a 'time out', to cook and bake for themselves, their family or friends.







As with the colour blue, there are all different hues and shades of green. Some prefer a lighter hue while others a dark and moody green.


Because of its association with nature, a green-painted kitchen brings out the best of wooden fixtures and fittings. If you are looking to modernise an all-wood kitchen, think about painting specific cupboards or cabinets in a light or dark green and then lightening, restoring or cleaning the remaining wood cabinetry.



Grey Kitchens

Not quite as stark as white, light grey kitchens are most definitely a hot trend and one I am sure will remain with us for quite a while. There is something bright and airy about a light grey kitchen that you don't quite achieve if you use white. It just has so much more depth and is not as austere and more pleasing to the eye.



Any hue or shade of grey is an excellent choice for painting kitchen cabinets and cupboards and both light and dark grey - almost charcoal in colour - fit in with any kitchen design, farmhouse or contemporary.


Like both blue and green, there are almost limitless possibilities for grey. Most light grey colours used in the kitchen tend to veer towards the blue spectrum, giving any kitchen a fresh look and serene atmosphere. Medium and darker greys provide more of an impact against white fixtures and fittings and therefore add a bit more drama.



You may notice that most of the images here show Shaker-style kitchens mainly because I love this design and it is so versatile. Not only can you have a Shaker-style kitchen fitted, but you can also easily make your own doors and paint them.


Combine white tiles and countertops with light flooring to bring out the best in grey colours if you have a small or medium-sized kitchen. For a larger kitchen or to replicate a contemporary design, consider adding black composite, quartz, marble or granite countertops. 



2-Tone Kitchens

For those that simply cannot make up their minds or are too afraid of going full-on with colour and possibly regretting painting kitchen cabinets and cupboards, there is always the option for 2-tone colours. Give any kitchen dimension and depth by painting the upper cabinets in a light colour and the floor cabinets in a dark colour. This 2-tone effect opens up a kitchen and makes it appear larger than it is, so a great idea for small or compact kitchens.



Whatever colours you select for painting kitchen cupboards and cabinets, going with 2 colours for a 2-tone option is not only a good idea for smaller kitchens but it also makes even a medium-sized kitchen feel more spacious than it is.





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