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PG Bison Launches Online Kitchen Visualizer

Now you can design and visualize your dream kitchen by using PG Bison's online kitchen design tool.






Designing a new kitchen can be daunting when there is so much to think about. You eventually end up tied in knots with all the choices and decisions you have to make, and that before you even start looking at the actual design and layout you want for your new kitchen. Will you leave plumbing and electrical where it is? How much more storage can you get into the space? Where to put the microwave? And so on...

Imagine a kitchen design tool that lets you design the kitchen of your dreams, one that allows you to select all the elements in your kitchen, from windows and doors to tiles and fittings. The PG Bison Kitchen Design Tool is absolutely free and available online for everyone to use. Most other kitchen design tools only offer Imperial measurements, but the PG Bison Kitchen Design Tool calculates everything in Metric measurements, making it so much easier for you to work out everything you need to complete a kitchen renovation.

I have always used SketchUp Make for all my drawings, including my own kitchen renovation, but this program takes a bit of getting used to and is not as simple as the visualizer offered by PG Bison. Now you can instantly layout the dimensions of your kitchen space to plan and play around as much as you like.









Using a kitchen visualizer tool lets you work out what components work and those that don't, allowing you to make mistakes before you spend a lot of money.





Compatible with Windows, Apple and Android devices, you can use the visualizer on almost any tablet or smartphone or your laptop or PC. When you register, the visualizer is set up to create a kitchen of any shape, and you can save the design if you want to view it later. It also allows you to create as many designs as you wish and save each design for later comparison, giving you more freedom to look at different options and which design you prefer. You also have an opportunity to preview your kitchen design in a 3D environment so that you can see how the layout works from different viewpoints.

And what's even more great... Once you are a registered user, you can have your designs sent to your Inbox as a PDF attachment so that you can print them out and draw up a materials list.







With the PG Bison Kitchen Designer, you can layout as many kitchen designs you like - all different styles - so that you can select the one you like and have this sent to you as a PDF ready to print.




On the PG Bison ONtrend website, you will also find a helpful graphic on the various triangle arrangements that can be used to bring about better efficiency in the kitchen. This will also aid you in designing a kitchen that works for you, no matter what style or design you opt for as the final selection.









Need more convincing on how this design tool can help you create your dream kitchen? Simply copy and paste the website address into your Apple or Windows laptop or any android device (smartphone):



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