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Where To Put A Microwave

I'm in the process of finishing my kitchen renovation and busy deciding where to put the microwave - an interesting question it seems.



As I am in the process of putting finishing touches to my kitchen renovation, one that has taken almost 2 years to complete, I can't quite decide where to put the microwave. I don't have a large kitchen and I don't want to lose countertop space, but I'm a shorty, so don't want to have to stretch to reach the microwave, but also don't want to have to keep bending down. Are the any inspirational ideas out there for where the put a microwave?

Not only great for everyone who has a busy life, a microwave is great for heating and defrosting and warming up. The reason my microwave is so important to me at the moment is because I can use it when we have load shedding. The wattage is such that I can plug it into the cords when the power goes out and it can be powered by my gennie.







Below are a few points to keep in mind when deciding where to position a microwave:




• Close to a plug socket

Obviously, your microwave is going to need to be close to a power outlet unless you want to go through the process of pulling it out of storage and plugging it in every time you need it. I did previously have a kitchen design that required me to have an extension lead from the microwave to the nearest socket, but who wants extension leads all over the place?







One place NOT TO install a microwave is above a stovetop or hob. Not only will moisture and condensation damage the microwave, when cooking on the stovetop or hob, you could be hurt by steam or hot oil.



• Safety first

If you use your microwave for cooking or heating foods, you don't want it to be in a position where it's difficult to reach what is being cooked or heated. That means a microwave should be as close as possible to a countertop so that you can easily remove and transport hot items.


Think about your current kitchen layout and how you could possibly incorporate an oven tower that also houses your microwave.


• Ease of access

Tying in with safety first, you will want the microwave to be as accessible as possible. Placing it too high might make it difficult to take out hot items easily and safely. I have seen people place a microwave on top of their fridge, but while that can save countertop space, how can you see what is going on in the microwave and how do you remove hot foods or liquids?

If you are thinking about mounting a microwave above countertop height, keep in mind that the depth required will be much more than any wall-mounted cupboards which have an average depth of 300mm as standard. Also make sure that the microwave is positioned so that you won't risk accidentally hitting yourself.







If down below the level of the countertop height is a better option you will have better access and free up valuable countertop space, but it's not a good idea if you have back problems.

One of the best solutions to date is to install an oven tower. This is a tall cupboard, similar to that used for eye-level ovens, that lets you place a microwave at any height. An awkward or unused corner is the perfect space to fit an oven tower and won't steal away your countertop space. You can also put this previously unused area for all types of storage.



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