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Scandinavian Kitchen Design

Contrary to popular belief, Scandinavian kitchen design is a great way to revamp your kitchen on a limited budget.



How your kitchen looks and functions can affect the ambience of your home, as well as the value of your investment. It’ll be very challenging for you to enjoy and make money from your home if your kitchen is not in the best condition. How can you enjoy spending time in the kitchen if it looks and feels old? Will you have the interest to cook meals if your kitchen is dull and boring?

When many people think of designing a Scandinavian kitchen they think it an expensive option, but the opposite is true. Scandinavian design isn't about high-end design, it's more a clean kitchen design that incorporates organic and natural elements. Similar in style to a Shaker kitchen, Scandinavian focuses on the simplicity of white with wood accents but with the lack of clutter and accessories.










Designing a Scandinavian kitchen is an ideal way for you to renovate your cooking space. This design is popular for its minimalism, brightness, and use of the colour white. Although a Scandinavian kitchen is characterized by neutral colours and organic elements, a lot of people still choose to follow this trend because its colour scheme highlights unique accessories and decorations.


Here are some simple ways on how you can design a Scandinavian kitchen in your home:







1. Opt For An All-White Kitchen or 2-Tone Kitchen

Scandinavian kitchen design is well known for its lightness and brightness, something which you can easily achieve by painting your kitchen white or renovate with plain white cabinets and cupboards.  If you prefer to cut the cost by painting existing cabinets, you can start by adding a fresh coat of white paint or by using neutral colours such as hues of taupe or light grey.

For those wanting to rip out and replace the entire kitchen, possibly due to age or poor layout, ready-made kitchen cabinets with white finishing are probably the most affordable cabinets you can buy.







2. Choose Practical and Functional Storage

You will never be able to achieve a Scandinavian kitchen if the space is cluttered. This design is known for its minimalism and brightness. Do you think you can achieve any of these if your kitchen is disorganized?

Functional storage is the way to go if you want to enjoy a Scandinavian kitchen. The average kitchen needs to house a lot of things and it’s always best if all of these have proper storage. Aside from improving the looks of your kitchen, functional storage will also result in convenience because you’ll get to find what you’re looking for the moment you need it.

Depending on the space available in your kitchen, you can opt to use floating shelves, install new cabinets, or purchase bespoke drawers. You can also downsize some of your furniture to make room for more storage in your kitchen.


3. Switch To Organic Lighting

The lights you’ll use in your kitchen can influence the mood and atmosphere of the space. It’ll be very challenging for you to create an ambience that encourages conversations if the entire space is too dark. How can you even make your way around the room if your kitchen is too dark? Do you think you can prepare meals with ease without appropriate lighting?

Pendant lights and other types of feature lights hang low from your ceiling, giving your kitchen more character and making the space brighter. With the number of designs to choose from, you can easily install feature lights that add drama to your Scandinavian kitchen and make the space stand out!


4. Opt For Laminate Wood Flooring

The material used for your kitchen floors is also important because this element is seen throughout the entire kitchen. Using flooring that clashes with your kitchen’s overall theme and design can make the space feel and look disorganized. This environment can evoke a negative emotional response to individuals and even cause anxiety.

In some cases, making bad choices on interior design can become the reason why you’ll lose the interest to spend time and cook in your kitchen. You can prevent these from happening and achieve a Scandinavian kitchen by using wooden flooring.


5. Choose Wood Accents

If you don’t want your kitchen to look too plain or sterile by strictly adhering to the all-white rule, consider investing in organic wood accents and accessories, raw stone or facebrick features, as shown below. In a white kitchen, these pieces will easily stand out and can become the focal points of the room as well as adding warmth.



Wood and organic materials bring a level of warmth to a Scandinavian kitchen with the use of fixtures and fittings. While a true Scandinavian kitchen would be decorated in a monochromatic colour palette, you can easily incorporate a few splashes of colour with plants and kitchen accessories.



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