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Update a Kitchen with all the Latest Trends

As the heart of any home, the kitchen is the one room in the home that needs to be updated on all the latest trends.



The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it's also one room where you spend a lot of time, whether it's catching up with your family over the breakfast bar, or cooking family meals. The kitchen is also the one room that should be updated in line with trends to ensure it is functional and offers the most return on any money you spend on improvements. But what trends should you consider for your kitchen?

1. Statement Countertops

Countertops used to be considered as simple as a worktop for your kitchen, but this has changed over the year. Nowadays, countertops are just as important as other elements that make up a kitchen. From Formica to Granite and recycled materials, kitchen countertops are a statement accessory for every kitchen and the trends in this continue to lean towards quartz countertops as the most popular material of choice.




This year, you can expect to see countertops in darker shades, with granite and quartz in shades of speckled greys and blacks, and quartz tops in dark grey and black.

2. Colourful Cupboards and Cabinetry

White has always been a popular colour for kitchen cupboards and cabinets, but the introduction of coloured cabinets has made us see that the kitchen doesn't have to be sterile and bland, and that coloured cabinets and 2-tone kitchen designs have a lot to offer.

In the past couple of years, we have seen how colour can transform any kitchen and we will be seeing more of coloured kitchens in the future. The most popular colours for a modern kitchen are greys and blues, but that doesn't mean you can't incorporate your own colour scheme.

Two-tone cabinetry continues to be a popular choice for kitchens, especially do-it-yourself kitchens where homeowners are using darker cabinets on the lower level and lighter cabinets on walls to visually enlarge a compact kitchen. Another alternative to 2-tone paint colours is to combine wood and painted cabinetry.




3. Metallic Handles and Knobs

We all know that handles and knobs are the finishing touches for any kitchen and that you can easily swap out old fittings with new for an instant update. What is new this year is the trend for mixing it up in the kitchen by combining a mix and match of different styles for handles and knobs.

Metallic finishes for handles and knobs continue to be popular, but matt black and leather are making an appearance in modern kitchen designs.

4. Energy Rated Appliances

With the increasing need to be energy-efficient, homeowners are replacing energy-sucking appliances with energy-saving models. With the change in energy efficiency comes the demand for luxurious appliances that give a kitchen a streamlined look and feel. Sleek stainless steel appliances fit in with almost any kitchen design and offer a variety of time-saving features whilst still being energy efficient.







5. Lavish Lighting Options

Ditch the single light fixture in the kitchen and spread lighting across countertops and cabinets. With the fall of incandescent lighting, LED is set to light up our homes. LED is the most affordable lighting option you can install in a kitchen, and its versatility lets it be used underneath cabinets to light up the floor, underneath wall-mounted cabinets to illumination countertops with task lighting, and for downlights or pendants.

Multiple sources of kitchen illumination let you perform a variety of tasks without shadow, providing enough light for all your kitchen activities.



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