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Move over subway... there's a new tile on the wall!

While subway tile continues to dominate the kitchen backsplash, there's a new tile on the wall that is timeless and elegant.


Subway tile has enjoyed the spotlight for far too long and it's time to move over and make way for an even edgier tile for your kitchen backsplash... one that is timeless and elegant in its design. Hexagonal tiles have been around the block a few times, but now they're back and are even edgier than ever. You can install hex tiles to make a huge impact on walls, particularly in the kitchen.

Don't hide these tiles behind the stove or sink, use a bold grout that lets these tiles stand out and create an eye-catching backsplash.

Hexagonal tiles are available locally and you can buy them in different sizes and a wide range of colours and materials. Plus, you can use hex tiles to create a dramatic focal point on a wall in a kitchen to add even more pizzazz to a kitchen that's really cookin' with style!



Colour-tinted or white, hex tiles are a trendy way to dress up a kitchen backsplash or sink area, or even to tile a complete wall in a kitchen. Use a white or light grey grout when installing dark-tinted hex tiles, or go with dark grout when installing a colour or white hex tiles. Don't forget that the grouting is almost as important as the tile you install and it can make a huge impact by visually defining their interesting shape.  

Hex tiles in glossy ceramics, natural stone or terracotta will bring a timeless and refined look to any kitchen. The range of sizes and textures make them ideal for any kitchen style, even a modern kitchen with all the luxury fittings.

Hex tiles have such an interesting shape they make an instant impact when used as a backsplash, and they don't need too much extra to make a statement.  Don't go overboard with colour and texture unless you are specifically looking to add an interesting feature.

The charismatic design of hex tiles open up a new world of layout options and simply by selecting assorted hues and being a little creative – you can create a wide variety of stunning designs; from geometric patterns, or a more contemporary shaded effect.

With the recent revival of patterned tiles there are now a wide variety of hexagonal tiles in incredibly visually interesting geometric designs and colours, and designs aren't just limited to interesting colours and shapes, but hexagonal tiles are also being manufactured in natural stone finishes that can be used to great effect for all sorts of interesting applications.

Multi-textural hex tiles can be used to create an interesting design on walls. You can even create a unique feature by combining tiles of different materials on one wall, or go one step further and install hexagonal floor tiles to create beautiful features throughout a home.



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