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All-white kitchen ideas

Timeless and elegant, an all-white kitchen is clean and fresh and definitely the colour to choose for a cramped or dark kitchen.


Pair an all-white kitchen with modern stainless steel for a modern, sophisticated look or add colourful accessories for a more casual all-white kitchen style.

Beautiful in white, this kitchen features white marble countertops and wall tiles. The white cabinetry and painted furniture creates an almost dream-like atmosphere that contrasts with the dark wood laminate floor. Modern stainless steel appliances bring the kitchen into the 21st century, while vases of freshly cut garden flowers soften the edges and add a touch of colour and personality.

Modern stainless steel appliances don't have to be hidden out of sight in an all-white kitchen. In fact, stainless steel adds a stunning contrast to an all-white kitchen. In the kitchen above you will find touches of stainless steel in the taps and fittings, modern appliances, as well as contemporary pendant lights that hang above the kitchen island.





Lighting is important in an all-white kitchen, as it adds definition and character. Using warm or cool lamp fittings assist in the atmosphere you want for your kitchen

White kitchens are considered more sanitary and hygienic than any other kitchen because dirt is more visible and cleaned more often.

You don't have to rip out your kitchen to make a change. Look at painting existing cabinetry and revamp or replacing kitchen cabinet doors. Replacing solid panel doors with framed glass doors opens up a kitchen and is an easy DIY project using Supawood. Or add a 6mm SupaWood frame around painted cabinet doors to replicate the Shaker look.

If you do plan to add framed glass doors to cabinets, the secret lies in keeping shelves neat and uncluttered, and packing away the messy items behind solid-panel closed doors!

Incorporate design elements into a white kitchen with the addition of coloured countertops in your choice of materials with choices ranging from bamboo to wood.

If you prefer to opt for a white kitchen that is more modern and trendy, kitchen cabinets can be left plain and painted in a satin or gloss finish.

Carefully consider flooring options for an all-white kitchen, as the right flooring goes a long way towards adding texture and warmth. Light woods and white cabinets enhance the contemporary look and feel of a kitchen, while dark woods tend to be more suited to traditional styles.