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The Five Essential Parts of a Perfect Kitchen

If you are looking for ways to improve your kitchen or are getting one fitted, read on.




The kitchen is the heart of a home. It is a place of nourishment where we bond over steaming cups of cocoa on a winter's day. There is so much more to it than the art of cooking that happens there.

Speaking of cooking, you would need a well-appointed kitchen to be able to do that. Granted, tastes are subjective, we do not all want the same designs or fixtures. Nonetheless, we can all agree that some creature comforts rule across the board. Would you pass up the experience of smooth-sliding custom cabinet door hinges specifically made for your cabinets? They would be so much better than ill-fitting generic ones,right?

If you are looking for ways to improve your kitchen or are getting one fitted, read on. The perfect kitchen is made up of:







Resilient Countertops



Chopping, kneading and serving up food all require space to get done. For this reason, sturdy countertops are indispensable. The ideal workspace is generous on two accounts: quality and size.



Some cooks are neater than others but the point here is not to police technique but to support it. To have complete freedom to put your skills to use, you need a work surface that is easy to clean after you are done. Scrubbing away for hours on end is not sustainable in the long term.

Further, you need your countertop to be impermeable. All the spills that happen in a kitchen would easily stain an absorbent surface. No one would trust food from your kitchen in such a state.



A cramped kitchen is difficult to work in and even harder to organize when in use. Of even greater concern is that, when there is not enough room, items can easily catch fire.

Where possible, knock down an insignificant wall if that is the only way to make room. Spacious countertops make chores in the kitchen easier to do and bring order.

There are different kinds of ideal countertops depending on your needs. Your budget will probably dictate which kind you get. For best results, ensure it is properly installed and replaced if and when necessary.


Sufficient Storage



It is difficult to imagine a kitchen with no cupboards and drawers. Where would the dishes and crockery go?

While building or upgrading your kitchen, negotiate as much storage as you can. If your house has no pantry, you require separate storage for dry foods and utensils.

Factor in such needs as you choose your fittings.

Aesthetics are important too, so choose cabinetry that works with your general decor. Lastly, on functionality:

    • Shelved cupboards will give you more room

    • Quality hinges and drawer runners will save you from wrestling doors and stuck drawers


A Proper Sink



Hygiene is important in the kitchen so as to avoid infections from dirt and germs. Fruits and vegetables require cleaning before serving and utensils need to be kept pristine too. All this happens at the kitchen sink.

The types of kitchen sinks available are innumerable, it all depends on what your personal needs are. To guide you through, features of an ideal sink include:

    • Sufficient size to accommodate your usage

    • Easy to clean

    • Proper drainage system

    • Built of durable material as it is used regularly

For your own gratification, where possible, have your main sink positioned facing the outdoors. The light from outside helps with visibility and you will have a view as you clean. However, have your plumber advise you on installation. Some sections in the kitchen may be preferable to others to allow proper water flow to the faucet and drainage.







Modern Appliances



Decades ago, it would be unimaginable that your stove could turn itself off instinctively. Most tasks were fully manual so that nothing happened without your input. We now live in a new dawn, where technology in the kitchen is just as competitive and convenient as in other areas of life.

It is easy to get carried away when buying appliances, everything looks so sleek and shiny. The trick, however, is to buy what will make your life easier and serve you the longest. It is a costly affair to have to replace broken appliances every so often. Insist on buying from genuine dealerships if you can; you will get safe authentic products and warranties.

Energy efficiency should be a prime concern for you. Inefficient appliances will cost you more in the long term by way of electricity consumption. Considering expert warnings on global warming and climate change, your discerning purchase is a contribution to the good of humanity.



Adequate Lighting

Sometimes the difference between burned onions and the slightly golden hue you intended, is lighting. Cooking in a poorly-lit kitchen will not just ruin your food, it is hazardous too.

For a rental property, you tend not to have much of a say when it comes to construction. It does not matter if the kitchen window is obstructed by the next building's wall, take it, or leave it. So, if you find yourself in such a situation, introduce as much artificial light as you can. An adequately bright overhead light will suffice but you can consider recessed lighting under cabinets too.

On the other hand, when you have the privilege to build your own kitchen, use it. Ask your architect to provide drawings whose outcome is as much natural light into your kitchen as possible. Large windows, glass doors, or skylights, are all options worth considering. Given as the sun must set though, also choose light fixtures that illuminate the whole room at night.



It would be remiss to leave out that all fittings should be installed with accessibility in mind. You should not have to jump three feet to get your cereal and special needs ought to be factored in too. A perfect kitchen is an accessible kitchen.

For that extra serving of love and aromatic flavors, go on and build the perfect kitchen.





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