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Brilliant Kitchen Remodel for Stunning Result

If you are starting to feel depressed or down every time you walk into your kitchen, perhaps it's time for a remodel like this 70s kitchen that becomes a 21st Century stunner



The 70s kitchen gets a brand new look with white cabinetry and backsplash, modern appliances, new flooring and updated light fittings.


I am sure that many of you have been in a position where you walk into your home and feel depressed. It could be just a particular room that gets you down or it could be that your entire home needs an overhaul. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of ways to give any home a new look, a facelift, a makeover, or whatever you want to call it, and it isn't always necessary to spend a fortune to do so.

In the feature, we take a look at how an oh-so 70s kitchen was updated with new energy-efficient appliances and brand new cabinets to create a functional space that is on-trend and meets all the client's requirements. I like to share this type of project because it lets you see actual before and after pictures that show what a difference changing a few details can make.







This kitchen remodel done by CKD Remodelling is one of hundreds of kitchens that are given a fresh and functional remodel in countries around the world. The process of remodelling a kitchen doesn't always mean that you have to rip everything out and start all over again. If the existing kitchen layout meets with your needs, sometimes all that is required is to remove and replace cabinetry for a more practical layout and incorporate elements that provide functionality.


ABOVE and BELOW: A dark and dated 70s kitchen gets a fresh look and functional design layout.









The main brief for the scope of this project was to retain the existing layout and not alter the existing footprint for the kitchen. The client also requested that the space be much brighter, with light colours and modern materials used wherever possible. It was necessary to remove and replace kitchen cabinets in order to maximise function but this was kept within a budget so as not to overspend on the project. The design plan allowed for the following:

1. To keep down the cost to stay within budget, the designer decided to keep the existing kitchen layout but update the existing kitchen cupboards for increased functionality.

2. New appliances were ordered to replace the old inefficient models.

3. A small pantry on one wall of the kitchen was removed and replaced with custom cabinetry to open up more floor space in the kitchen.



The original kitchen layout worked well for the clients and even though it occupies the same amount of floor space, the new kitchen with its white cupboards and composite countertops looks significantly larger.

Lighter colours have the ability to lighten dark spaces and lift them, while also making a small room feel larger. Something to keep in mind if you want to give your kitchen a new look without too much cost.









The new kitchen cabinetry replaces an older design that did not focus on providing optimal function and form. Drawers replace the cabinets that form the peninsula and this provides far more storage than having to reach into cupboards to find what you need.



The peninsula not only serves to divide the kitchen from the open-plan casual dining area but also provides much-needed countertop space. It's also the place where the family gather together in the morning and evenings.



A small pantry located on a wall bordering the open-plan dining area was removed to provide more floor space for the kitchen. To provide replacement storage, a butler's pantry comprising custom cabinets was added to the wall. Even though the cabinetry is fairly narrow in profile, the storage provided far excess what was possible in the original pantry. 




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