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5 Must Have Kitchen Appliances for Coffee Lovers

We list some great coffee utensils you should have in your kitchen.


As a coffee lover, you are better off brewing your coffee at home. There are varieties of kitchen appliances that will help you brew great tasting coffee at home. While you can take advantage of the high-tech coffee making utensils, the pretty low-tech and old coffee making solutions can be good options as well.

Here are great coffee utensils you should have in your kitchen;

#1: Heat Resistant Pot: To Make Espresso

Looking for something more affordable and portable than a full coffee maker? Consider getting a heat-resistant pot such as a Moka pot. You can simply place the pot over a gas stove to brew your coffee. This type of coffee pot is one of the secrets of great-tasting espresso made by Italians – they have been using the pot way back in the 1930s up to this moment.
So, you can make a dense, great cup of coffee with the pot even if you do not have any of those flashy coffee-making machines. However, when you buy the pot, make sure you follow the instructions on how to use it to make great coffee. But, according to popular opinion - it’s great to invest in fancy espresso machine if your budget permits.

#2: An Airtight Jar: For Storing Your grounds or Beans

Many latte lovers do not like disposable bags when it comes to storing coffee grounds or beans. A great option for these people is an airtight jar. But, you need to choose a dark area to place the jar. And, ensure you do not store the coffee for a long time.

Airtight containers are inexpensive – a 32-ounce jar will cost less than 2 dollars. Simply walk into a local hardware store and purchase one or go online to place an order.

#3: A French Press: Brewing Deep Coffee

You can enjoy a deep cup of coffee by using a French press to make one. The bottom of each mug will have a bit of sediment when you brew your coffee with a French press. Traditionally, these coffee makers come in glass designs – but you can also find those made of stainless steel and feature double wall to help keep your coffee insulated as long as possible. You can also use the stainless steel design to make iced coffee.

#4: A Frother – Great for Making a Latte

There are innovative frothers that can also serve as whisks. You can find options that work with AAA batteries. With a good frother, your cup of coffee can feature a whipped layer just like the one made with fancy espresso machine. Bring your milk to a boil or simply microwave it. Next, froth it up and add it to your espresso drink.

#5: Gooseneck Kettle – Great Utensil for Pouring out Your Coffee

These kettles derived their names from their long, curved spout. They are available in different brands. According to coffee enthusiasts and coffee utensils reviewers, the gooseneck kettles provide a great way to precisely control your pour as well as the concentration.

If you prefer to brew your latte with a pour-over device, you should master the best technique for this brewing. The secret is to follow a circular movement when you pour the boiling water over the coffee ground. This way, the hot water will get through more grounds than just pouring the water straight on. This is the essence of investing in a kettle (e.g. a gooseneck kettle) that can guide and control your pour.

Other great coffee utensils you should consider investing in include;

• Kitchen scale – you will need to measure out beans and a kitchen scale will come handy for this purpose. Also, you will need the scale when you have to get a specific ounce measurement for your cold brew recipe. Besides, a scale is a must-have for those who also love to bake.

• Coffee Bags – Buy the ones that feature degassing valves, they are great for keeping your grounds fresh. When you roast your beans, an oxidation process will take place and will depreciate the elements that produce coffee aroma and flavor. This is why you need these special coffee bags to keep your grounds fresh.

Finally, a dependable mug is a great investment for any coffee lover. It’s a great way to have a nice, hot sip of your brewed coffee.



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