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A Kitchen Filled With Sunshine!

It might not be trendy but bringing yellow into a kitchen certainly adds warmth, brightness and a feeling of sunshine. 



Not many people would think that painting a kitchen yellow would bring the sunshine indoors, but bringing yellow into a kitchen instantly warms up the room and adds a feeling of brightness. Yellow is a wonderful colour - even in a kitchen - if the room is dark or doesn't receive a lot of natural light.

Colour trends to come and go; one year it might be blue kitchens and the next grey kitchens. We have seen turquoise, sage green and mint green kitchens and plenty of other colours, so why not yellow? Whether a kitchen is old or new, even a splash of yellow will make a difference in brightening up the space.

Let's take a look at using yellow in the kitchen and how it can make a huge difference in how the kitchen looks and feels.









Brighten up a dark corner in a kitchen with a splash of sunflower yellow accent cupboards and accessories.


Before we jump right in, an important point to keep in mind if you want to add yellow to your kitchen is the actual colour you use. A bright yellow is not what you are looking for as this can be harsh on the senses. We are looking at soft buttery yellows that are a little less saturated and pleasant on the eye.

Colour experts advise that yellow can be used to revitalise a space. It's one of those colours that make you feel happy and energetic while bringing a soothing quality at the same time. Think warm sunshine and buttercups and you immediately feel at ease and calm. The same applies when you use yellow hues in a kitchen.







When selecting a yellow colour for a kitchen, choose a buttery yellow or soft marigold hue to make the kitchen a happy place.


Painting a kitchen with yellow accents also make the room feel brighter and larger than it is. And yellow works well with white and grey plus being a great combination when combined with warm wood fittings or fixtures. Use yellow on base cupboards when you have laminate or wood flooring as it will accentuate the warm wood accents. Using yellow in combination with a dark stone or composite countertops lifts these materials and lets them blend in.


Warm and inviting, this kitchen conveys a sense of happiness while the colour works to bring to life the stone countertop and surrounding backsplash.


Yellow will bring a pop of colour to invigorate any style of kitchen, whether cottage or country or a contemporary kitchen design. Not only great when used with timber and wood, yellow also looks great when paired with slate or stainless steel.


A bright yellow - even a small dose - can inject colour into any kitchen, adding visual warmth to a stark white kitchen. A wall of yellow cupboards doesn't overload the senses yet brings sunny style to a modern kitchen.


If you prefer to keep it subtle, use yellow in small doses to inject colour into a small or dark kitchen.


If you are thinking about how to brighten up your kitchen but don't want to overdo the yellow, think about adding yellow accents around the room. A glass splashback or tiled wall in a dynamic yellow hue combines with white and grey for eye-popping appeal.







When you don't want to paint walls or cupboards but still want to add a cheerful hint of yellow, you can always look at colourful accents such as light fittings or even freshen dated furniture with a coat or two of bright yellow to create a sunny space indoors.


Refreshing and sunny, pairing a pale blue with a muted yellow makes you think of sunny skies and summer days. A saffron yellow door brings an unexpected burst of yellow into the room and imbibes the room with warmth. A small dose of sunshine lifts the mood and brings in a brighter outlook since we associate the colour yellow with the positive effect of sunlight.

Don't be afraid to take the plunge and add something yellow to your kitchen. Even if you start with something small to get the feel of yellow, your kitchen will appreciate the sunny weather.





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