Why It Pays To Hire A Designer For Home Renovations

When deciding to tackle a total home renovation project, it might be in your best interests to look at hiring a designer to consult on unique features and interior design.






Major home renovation projects are an enormous job to take on. It's not just about deciding on what needs to be done as part of the total renovation, one that involves budgeting, timelines and materials and supplies that need to be sourced and ordered to complete the project. And then there is still the labourers or professional contractors that need to be consulted and arranged and that before you even sign on the dotted line.

There are processes and regulations that need to be considered, especially if you are altering the footprint of the original property and that means you are going to need to organise for plans to be drawn up and the relevant municipal or town planning approval of plans.

While tackling the renovation as a do it yourself project will save you a substantial amount of money, you need to consider the overall size of a project and your skillset. Hiring an architectural designer or interior design company that can oversee the project and help you decide on materials and finishes might seem an expensive outlay but when you view a large project in its entirety and see what needs to be managed, a designer not only has the requisite contact for the supply of materials but also the experience to advise on the most suitable outcomes.

My experience at building my own house when first starting on my own has rooted in me my enthusiasm for anything and everything DIY, but even I must admit to being out of my element at many stages during the construction process. While I probably would do it all again if given the chance, I would also hire someone to assist with certain decisions. Doing a project on your own can result in shoddy workmanship and inferior materials as a result of not knowing what is best. Although, in those days, there wasn't access to the Internet and very little assistance in the construction field - this was the era of spec-builders and homes were being mass produced across the country.




An Architectural Designer helps to put ideas for your dream home into a plan of action and assist you with the design and construction process for a home renovation.





This is the house before renovation. Dated and tired looking, the property required a total renovation both inside and out.





How an Architectural Designer assists

During the renovation process there are going to be many meetings and decisions that have to be made and you want a specific outcome at the end of the project. Working with an Architectural Designer allows you to consult with an expert on the overall scope and design of the project and will also be able to put this into action to create plans and specifications.

The job description of an Architectural Designer includes establishing a budget, drawing up plans according to set specifications and some Architectural Designers will assist in overseeing the project to completion.







Design11.co.za was the designer for the unique features that were incorporated both inside and outside the renovated property. Large decorative screens feature prominently on both the front and back orientation of the house.





The after photographs of the property show a unique perspective that was achieved by using a designer that specialises in steel and metal work.




How an Interior Designer assists

After the construction process, you will reach a stage where you need to set down your ideas for finishing the home renovation. This will include fittings and fixture and other design elements that will affect the overall appearance and aesthetics and how the finished project looks.

You probably already have a good idea in mind of what you want done but are not sure how to put this into effect and that's where an Interior or Designer can assist - organising all the finishing touches to realize your dream.





Design firm Design11.co.za specialise in a metal and decorative screens for indoor and outdoor applications as well as unique lighting elements, decorative features and contemporary accessories for the home. Decorative metal screens frame the front access to the house and provide a shady covering over the back of the house.









Inside the renovated property, metal and decorative screens divide up the various living spaces and provide an eye-catching feature throughout the home.



A large dividing screen in the living room closes off the space from the rest of  the open plan area.




 Metal screens are used throughout the house to provide privacy and decorative accents.





Also included as part of Design11's portfolio of products and services is the ability to design contemporary fittings and fixtures and one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures for the home. Visit www.design11.co.za for more information.










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