Top Features to Include in a Custom-Built House

If you have made a decision to build a custom house, you will want to ensure that the plans include everything you have ever wanted in a home.





When you decide to build a custom house, you want to make sure that the plans include everything you have ever wanted in a home. But sometimes, people freeze up when they try to think about their dream home. They might come up with a few features they must have, but they don’t consider others that would be great to include in their design. The custom builders at Crown Construction provide this list of must-have features in a custom house.


Storage Space

Always include more storage space than you think you’ll ever need because after your house is built, you’ll find out that you need it. Add additional linen and coat closets with built-in shelves to make sure you can accommodate a growing family. Even if you don’t intend to have more children, you will find these additional closets helpful for guests and extra space for other items that might not be linens or coats.

Add a walk-in pantry to your kitchen and built-in closets in your bathrooms. You might also consider extra shelves in both the kitchen and your bathrooms for towels and other necessities. You’ll always find a use for these, even if you don’t think you’ll use them when they’re planned. Make sure your master bedroom closet is larger than you think it should be because you can use that space for a variety of purposes other than to keep your clothes.


Large Master Bedroom

Make your bedroom a place that you truly enjoy spending time in. This means it needs to be larger than usual, even if you’re already planning for a big enough room to accommodate a king sized bed. Consider planning enough room for a small living area, a vanity, and various other tables and seats. It should also have a connected bathroom that is separate from the rest of the house and plenty of windows to bring in the light.

Get a large bed that is the focal point of the room (usually a king or California King will work), even if you’re the only one sleeping in it. You’ll love the extra room and free feeling of being able to move wherever you want when you’re sleeping.


Flex Room

Add a room in your house that can be used for multiple purposes. This is becoming a popular feature in custom homes because of the need to find space for working or studying at home for long periods of time. A flex room can be used as an office, transformed into an additional living room, converted into a music room, or repurposed as a workout room. It should be near other living areas like the kitchen and dining room, but not so open that it doesn’t offer privacy when necessary.


Mud Room

People with mud rooms love that they have an indoor space that provides a place for their family members to remove dirty shoes and clothes, hang up coats, and keep their bags and other items out of the rest of the house. Usually, this room is built near the laundry room to make it easy for dirty clothes to make their way into the washer, but it doesn’t really matter where it is as long as it provides a barrier between the outside and inside.



It’s so exciting to be able to plan your new custom home! Just don’t forget to include these must-have house features to ensure your home is everything you dreamed it would be.






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