Top 3 Special Advantages of Narrow Lot Living

Smaller lots have big advantages.





Perth lots for houses are getting smaller as more and more people now prefer living in narrower lots. People now prefer smaller spaces for living. Narrow lots are now the new norm.

If you have yet to fully see the massive perks that narrow lot living provides, this article is perfect for you. There are primarily three main reasons why narrow lots are highly on demand right now and you will learn everything you need to know about each after reading.


1. More savings

This is the main advantage when it comes to smaller lots, you will get to spend less and save more.

Smaller lots are more affordable. Families that opt for smaller lots feel more liquid and financially sound as they get to save so much. They even get to choose to pour money over other luxuries and house amenities. Smaller lots allow families to splurge on other stuff.

Smaller lots also give people the chance to have a place of their own in high-profile areas. You could choose to live anywhere if you’d opt for a smaller lot as available smaller lots always come up. Families can now afford to live in expensive cities and communities as options for smaller lots are more easily available.

Smaller lots allow people to have flexible financial plans. Such a perk is powerful as it gives more people wider options when choosing a community that they want to be a part of.

Smaller lots are also perfect for newlyweds, little families, and retiring individuals that prefer more value for their money. It’s always best to opt for a house on a smaller lot as there is less financial risk involved. As they are hot in the market, it’s always 200% easier to have them sold.

Owners of smaller lots also pay less when it comes to utility bills.


2. More chance for creativity

Owners of smaller lots have more fun when it comes to maximizing all available space. Families in smaller lots love how they get to truly know their living preferences and aesthetic choices.

It’s a common misconception that there’s little to be had with smaller lots. Such is not the case as smaller lots allow owners to be more creative and intentional in designing their spaces. Owners of smaller lots are innovative and highly creative. They get to know every nook and cranny of their space.

Here are some pro tips when it comes to designing houses in smaller lots:


1. You could build up. - Narrow lots will allow you to have beautiful upper floors! One search online and you’d see numerous beautiful designs of narrow lot 2 storey homes in Perth that are so easy to fall in love with. Two-story houses in narrow lots are so fun to design. With two-story houses, you’d get to have more rooms and living zones. You can even have a quaint roof deck!

2. Play with lights. - Smaller lots will allow you to fully center your overall design on following where natural lights flow. Two-story homes can easily allow light in by integrating smart housing design strategies. Know where to place your block walls and windows. Observe where the sun goes and see the most beneficial daily openings for light in your space. You can even opt for an open living design to make your space more airy and spacious. You’d save a lot on electric bills if you’d get to smartly utilize natural light as it will allow your household to refrain from using electric lights during the day.



3. You can opt for indoor-outdoor living. - It’s easy to blur the line between indoor spaces and outdoor spaces if you’re working with a narrow lot. You could easily combine both and have alfresco living spaces. Blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces will also make your space look bigger. This is the case because blurring boundaries allow for a more seamless design flow. People that prefer a harmonized indoor and outdoor lifestyle enjoy the sweet chance of balancing the two when designing smaller lots.


3. Easy upkeep

People love smaller lots because of easy maintenance. Smaller lots don’t require much upkeep and maintenance. Owners of smaller lots don’t have to do intensive gardening and time-consuming cleaning. They have smaller spaces to work with so keeping everything clean and well-maintained is easier.

A small house will give you more time for yourself. As you won’t need numerous hours for upkeep and maintenance, you could easily focus on your passion projects and interests. So much of your time will be free and available for fun and enriching activities.


Go Big By Going Small

Families are getting smarter by the day. They now fully consider the value of their choices and all the options that are available for them. As more families now opt to be creative, practical, and spend less, smaller lots will continue to ever be on-demand in the market. If you want a more carefree, realistic, and hassle-free daily living, you should seriously consider owning a house on a smaller lot. It will save you so much time, effort, and money. Smaller lots are hot in the market as they give people the liberty to choose lifestyle options that are true to their unique needs and wants. You will have the chance to go bigger in life if you’d opt to go small and choose a house on a narrow lot.





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