The Best Garage Design Software: Your Options Explained

There is no shortage of dedicated garage design software out there on the market right now and below is our round-up of the best.





Remodeling a garage does not need to be another household chore to check off your list. This can be an opportunity to finally do something worthwhile with your garage, and turn it into a space that offers functionality, fun, and comfort.

To truly understand what you can do with your garage, and what your feasible options are, you might benefit from garage design software.

This can help you to generate garage ideas, plan out your redesign step-by-step, and ensure that your new garage is better than your old one.

There is no shortage of dedicated garage design software out there on the market right now. Here is our round-up of the best.


1. Easy Garage

Easy Garage is a brand that sells garage furniture, among other things for the home. Fortunately, they also have an awesome software feature that allows you to try out different items in a virtual space.

You can drag and drop different shelves, tools, recreational furnishings, and other items in a digital recreation of your garage. This way, you can easily visualize what is possible and make practical, informed decisions before you buy.


2. Floor Planner

First things first, Floor Planner will not help you choose a garage floor.

What Floor Planner does offer is an easy way to recreate or design a floorplan for your garage. It is not garage-specific, but is a great free tool that can help you plan a new layout for your garage, or build a new garage altogether. It's nothing fancy, but it's easy to use and offers a lot of to-scale accuracy.


3. Big Hammer

Big Hammer is a browser-based residential garage simulator that is ideal for renovating a garage.

This is one of the most detailed and powerful free garage design technology tools out there. You can pick from hundreds of interior and exterior building materials.

You can simulate every possible detail of your new garage, right down to potential lighting options. By using Big Hammer, you can find out exactly what you need, and exactly what you want.


4. SketchUp

If you already have some strong garage ideas and just want to visualize them, SketchUp is the platform for you. As the name suggests, you can sketch out your garage design and then watch the software bring it to life.

You can go as deep as you want to, with plenty of options for trimmings, windows, walls, and furniture. This is an ideal software for those looking to execute their ideas in a practical way.


5. SketchUp Pro

Now, onto the paid-for garage design software options. This is the upgraded version of the aforementioned SketchUp. While the free version has plenty to offer, SketchUp Pro takes things one step further.

This one allows you to take your sketch ideas and convert them into construction plans and blueprints, all in a handy PDF format. It also offers a 2D version of your design, and works without the need for an internet connection.


6. Chief Architect

Chief Architect might look intimidating at first. Rather than cutesy 3D simulations of garages, this software only offers up architectural plans and blueprints.

However, this is ideal if you're a serious DIY-er who wants full control over their garage redesign. The level of detail and accuracy is staggering, allowing you to plot every stage of your build carefully.

What's more, you can also find out what your furniture options are, since Chief Architect can recommend the right sizes and materials for your specific garage specs.


7. ElecoSoft

ElecoSoft is the platform of choice for architecture students around the world. While it is mainly used for home designs, its features also work perfectly for those looking to redesign or construct a garage.

You can sketch out 2D floor plans and then immediately convert these into 3D simulations with a single click. You can select from an array of roof, wall, window, and garage door features.

You can even find out how your materials will interact with the climate in your area. Note that this is an incredibly detailed bit of software, and will not be as relevant for people just looking for inspiration.


8. American Garage Builders

If you're just looking to shake things up in your garage without going for a full-blown remodel, American Garage Builders might just be the right application for you.

The only thing this one focuses on is floor space. You just need to enter the exact dimensions of your garage, and AGB will spit out a grid plan that conforms to this.

From here, you can click and drag to move around furniture and cars. This can help you see how much space you have to work with, and what sizes are within your range.


9. Virtual Architect

Finally, we have the iconic Virtual Architect software. This is probably the most intelligent garage design software you can use, even if it is not always the most intuitive or user-friendly.

With Virtual Architect, you can plan every dimension of your garage, down to the most minute detail. The standout feature of this software is undoubtedly the photo feature. As you might have guessed, all you need to do is snap a few photos of your garage.

Once you have done this, simply upload them to the app and watch as it generates perfect blueprints and floor plans that match your garage perfectly. It does not get much smarter than this.


Did You Find This Garage Design Software Guide Helpful?

With the right garage design software, you can get it right the first time. Just as importantly, the right software will also transform your garage remodel from a tedious chore into a fun project toward which you can devote enthusiastic time and energy.

For more reviews and roundups of essential products for everyday life, we have got you covered. Make sure to consult our daily-updated reviews for the guidance you deserve.





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