Which is Best for Your Family: Single Storey vs Double Storey

We explain the PROS and CONS and important factors to consider to help you decide if a single-storey home or double-storey home is best for you.





Building a new home is one of the most exciting activities that you can take on. It is an extraordinary experience because you’d get to know yourself more as you go from one decision to the next when it comes to details, layout, spaces, paints, and more. Every single detail is special as all would lead to the birth of your dream home.

Are you on the planning stage and you’re figuring out if you want a single-storey or double-storey home? If you’re still on the fence, this article is perfect for you. We will enlist the PROS and CONS and important factors to consider to help you decide if a single-storey home or double-storey home is best for you.


Single-storey Houses: PROS and CONS

Single-storey homes are popular in Australia because of the following reasons:


  • ● Great Open Design – Single-storey homes have fresh open designs that homeowners love. It allows for an open-plan living space with high ceilings and wider hallways. Single storey home builders in Perth know this as most homeowners request single-storey home designs.

  • ● Safety and accessibility – Single-storey homes are more safe and accessible to disabled and elderly family members. With such a design and you have young kids, you won’t need to consider the possibility of stair accidents.

  • ● Pricing – Single-storey homes are more affordable. Double-storey homes cost 30% more than regular single-storey home designs. The pricing varies because of the difference in the required structural support. It is also more complex to build up.

  • ● Speed – Single-storey homes take lesser time when it comes to construction. You can move-in in just months.

  • ● Easier Design – You only have one floor to deal with so you won’t need to worry about matching the colors and designs of your first floor and your second floor.

  • ● Lighting – You will find it easier to let natural light in if you’re coming up with a design for a single-storey house.


You need to take note though that having a single-storey house will require you to have less space for play areas, gardens, patios, pools, and outdoor spaces. You will also have lesser space altogether as you can’t utilize more rooms that can be available if you’d have a second floor.


Double-storey Houses: PROS and CONS

There are still many home-builders that prefer double-storey homes because of the following reasons:


  • ● More space – A double-storey home will allow you to build up. You will have more living space even if you have a small lot. You’d also be able to have a pool, a garden, and more space for outdoor living.

  • ● The view – You can take advantage of great views if you’d opt for a double-storey home.

  • ● Privacy – You will be given more privacy if you have a double-storey home. You can have the first floor solely dedicated to living areas and the second floor serenely dedicated to bedrooms and bathrooms. Your house will have overall better zoning.

  • ● Noise reduction - You’d be able to sleep better because your bedroom can be placed away from the street.

  • ● Overall look – Double-storey homes are attractive and stand out among properties.

  • ● More design features – You can play with more design features and dynamics with a double-storey home. You can choose a staircase that can easily become the central design feature of your home. Smartly designed features can boost the appeal of your home and increase its market value.


The downside though is that you need to exert more effort when it comes to cleaning. There will be hard-to-reach areas and spots like windows and gutters that you would need to deal with. You’d also be paying more when it comes to utilities as you would need to cool and heal more spaces. You will also need to spend on large-scale heating and cooling systems.



Things You Should Consider When Choosing Between a Single-storey and a Double-Storey House

There are numerous advantages to both options, but you ultimately need to consider the following factors before coming up with a decision:


1. Your Current Life Stage

Which will fit your current lifestyle more? Which will be more accommodating to growth? If you plan to have kids, it’s best if you’d opt for a double-storey house. But if you’re an empty-nester and you want to downsize, choosing a single-storey home would be better.


2. Block Size

If you have a smaller lot, you should opt for a double-storey home as it will give you more space. A double-storey home will allow you to have more rooms and outdoor spaces. You can opt for a single-storey home if you have no problem with space and you’re fine with not having more rooms and spaces for outdoor living.


3. Home Layout

How do you want your everyday lifestyle to be? Do you want an open-space living? Do you want to prioritize privacy? If you want open-plan living, a single-storey home will be the better option for you. But if you want to prioritize zoning and privacy in your design, you will be better off with a double-storey house.


4. Your Budget

This is the most important factor of all. You should decide within your means. If you want to maintain a healthy financial state and still have the house of your dreams, you should opt for a single-storey home as it will be more affordable to have it built. If you have money to spend and you want more space, then it should be perfectly fine for you to opt for a double-storey home.


Know Yourself

Reflect on your current lifestyle and what you value the most. You should seriously consider the advantages and factors that we’ve shared. But in the end, it is your personal way of life that will
ultimately help you decide.






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