Tips To Organise And Make More Use Of Your Garage

A garage is a catch-all for anything that has no other place to go but it's clever to keep a garage organised to make full use of it.




Organisation is the name of the game if you want to make full use of garage space!


If you have a garage that is part and parcel of your property you will either be using this to park your car, use it for a DIY workshop, or make use of it for storage that has no place in the house. Whatever you use your garage for, keeping it organised will let you make more use of the space whether it's for motor vehicles or bicycles, a laundry room, tools or gardening supplies.




Make full use of garage space

No matter if you have a single garage, double garage or parking for more, it's always a good idea to draw up a plan of the space if you want to incorporate storage or a place to set up a woodworking or DIY workshop. Measuring up and drawing a floor plan of a garage lets you work out how much space you need for vehicles or bikes and how much space is left for anything else you want to do in the garage.


Invest in enough plastic storage bins to corral everything into easily accessible containers and be sure to label these so that you know what's in them.

With limited choices in our local market, having a welding company make up your wall shelves or purchasing new or secondhand industrial shelving provides the perfect solution.







• Storage on the walls and ceiling

Whatever purpose you use for the garage, you are going to need some sort of storage for gardening tools or supplies if you don't have a garden shed, DIY and woodworking tools if you like to spend time repairing, restoring or making, or even have a place to keep painting or home improvement tools and equipment. With such a limited space to work with making use of the walls for storage is a great idea.

With storage mounted on the walls, you still have space to park your cars and set up a small workspace while still having easy access to stored items. Plus, making use of the walls doesn't impinge on the floor space, freeing it up for other things.

Steel storage shelves can be purchased at many hardware stores and these can be mounted onto the wall using wall anchors and screws.


A reputable welder will be able to convert industrial shelving racks for mounting from the ceiling or rafters for garage organisation or storage.



The heavier the load - the larger the wall anchor if you want your storage racks to stay firmly on the wall.


• Hang from the rafters or ceiling

One area of a garage that is under-utilised is the space above the garage. If the garage is open to the roof it is easy to have industrial shelving converted into a hanging storage space that can be mounted out of the way. Should the garage have a roof, you can still look at the rafters or ceiling beams to check if they can accommodate heavy storage shelving.


• Use space down the side of a garage

If there is enough space down the side of a garage make use of this as much as possible. If you need a woodwork or DIY workshop in the same but not as a permanent feature, a fold-down workbench is the best solution. You can set it up and park the car outside and then fold it down when you're done. Have your tools and supplies stored on wall shelves or set up a pegboard storage solution for easy access to your tools.


Garage organisation systems from



Making a drop-down workbench is an easy project that you can complete in a day and you will find step-by-step instructions here.



How to stay on top of garage organisation

Ensuring a garage stays organised can be done if you regularly clean out what shouldn't be in there or throw away/donation items you no longer have a use for. There are plenty of online and retail outlets that will gladly post details for you to sell items and get some cash back - cash you can then put to good use.







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