Feature windows for a home

A simple frame and panel with applied mouldings gives an ordinary window an extraordinary appearance.


Window trim details can have a huge effect on the overall look of a room. With the right combination of materials and moulding proportions, windows can transform a drab space into an elegant one.

1. Construct the basic frame using plywood. Sand the frame smooth with a sander and 180-grit sandpaper. Attach the 3mm plywood backing to the back of the frame with a Bosch Tacker or staple gun and thin beads of Alcolin Wood Glue.

2. Use a mitre box and saw to cut the moulding strips to length. Use a hot glue gun to attach each individual strip directly to the frame back, inside the frame front. Install the short pieces of moulding first so that the longer pieces can be bent slightly to fit.

3. Once the frame is built and the mouldings are applied, attach the unit below the window. Blocking and baseboard mouldings are next; then install casings around the window to complete the job. You will find a wide selection of pine, MDF and polystyrene mouldings at your local Builders Warehouse.

via fine homebuilding