A Beautiful Welcome

Give your home curb appeal and a beautiful welcome home by installing and finishing a solid wood door stained in your choice of wood tint.







Introducing even more Woodoc Colours, the easy way to beautify and protect interior and exterior doors in your home. With trendy colours to choose from, you can now add colour to your doors when applying sealer. Complement your interior design with colour coordinated doors and trim.



For the traditionalist homeowner, Woodoc Stains offer classic wood colours that can be used to enhance the appearance of wood trim and fittings.




Woodoc Stains can only be used in the clear solvent-based Woodoc Sealers, while Woodoc Colours can be used in both the clear solvent-based and clear Water-borne sealers.



You will find a selection of veneered and solid wood doors at your local Builders, where you will also find the full range of Woodoc interior and exterior sealers, and Woodoc Colours and Stains.

The front door of your home is the first impression you make, so why not do something that adds personality or charm, while still offering maximum protection from wind, rain and UV rays. Enhance the natural beauty of wood by adding Woodoc Colours or Woodoc Stains to clear Woodoc Sealer.



Give your home curb appeal with Woodoc Colours - Summer Storm. Exterior Doors are protected from the elements and look stunning.








Brighten up your home with Woodoc Colours. Formulated to be added to your choice of Woodoc Sealer for easy and controlled application - both indoors and outdoors. You can choose from trendy colours that allow you to experiment with ideas that are only limited by your imagination.



You can use Woodoc Colours on furniture, floors and furniture, as well as doors. Plus, colours can also be used on darker woods to give them a completely new look - the intensity of colour can be adjusted by adding more or less tint concentrate. Note: Because the natural colour and absorbency of wood differs, Woodoc Colours may vary on application. Find the full range of Woodoc Colours at Builders or your local hardware store, or contact www.Woodoc.com to find your nearest retail outlet.




Shake the bottle well before pouring tint concentrate into clear Woodoc Sealer. Stir well until completely mixed and stir again before and regularly during application. The colour intensity will deepen with each successive coat as sealed is applied.



Don't settle for ordinary when you can use Woodoc Colours - Opal to beautify your home.