DIY Ideas To Upgrade The Water System In Your Home

There are many ways to upgrade your water system in your house without buying any fancy brands or anything expensive.



Upgrading the water system in your house can be hectic and drain you financially. Fortunately, there are many ways to upgrade your water system in your house without buying any fancy brands or anything expensive. There are ways to upgrade and install water heaters in your house by yourself without needing any help. All you will need is the right tool kit and appropriate equipment.




1. Water Heater

In order to upgrade your water heater, you need to go through some preparations at the beginning. First and foremost, get some research done to figure out the best point-of-use water heaters and which one will suit you best then you can move on to the next step.

Start with shutting off the cold-water handle on the heater, then turn on the hot water faucet in order to release some of the pressure in the lines. If your water heater is electric then turn off the power at the breaker, but if its gas then twist the switch to pilot mode. Finally, fill a gallon of water out of the tank to release more of the pressure and lower the water level.


2. Pipes

Get a tape measure to measure the length of each 3/4” of the copper pipe then apply the same measured lengths to the new pipes and cut them accordingly using a pipe cutter. Gather the pieces together, then screw the male adaptors onto the valve and connect the rest of the pieces to each other.


The Cold Water Line

Put your valve assembly next to the cold water line, and then mark the spot where the 90º angle intersects the water line. Get your pipe cutter then cut the pipe that is closest to the cold water line then move upwards to the top of the pipe and cut it.


The Assembly

You want to limit pressure on the new assembly, so try to make the pipe’s length as short as possible. Make sure to clean the joints as you are assembling the pipes to the tank connection. It is better to have a threaded male adaptor that you can connect to the tank. Connect all the parts together and leave it for a while, then proceed with adding a Teflon paste to the tank’s threads. Connect the pipe and the female adaptor to the expansion tank, and then get the two slip-joint pliers to secure the tank into the threaded male adaptor.


Automatic Shutoff Valve

First, remove the thermal link from the gas valve by using pliers, then connect the automatic shutoff valve connection in its place. Second, put the valve’s wire into the hole and secure the wire. Use your pliers again to get a better grip and to have everything in place. Third, detach the cap from the shutoff valve and put wire ends into the sockets on the valve. Finally, turn on the new upgraded water heater that has been made by all the components that you have gathered together.




An Upgrade

Updating your own point-of-use water heater can be a lot of work; however, it can be enjoyable if you naturally enjoy tinkering and creating your own devices. Updating a point-of-use water heater will save you a lot of money and won't break the bank. Another perk that stems out of upgrading your own water heater is that you can practice it often and you can have it as a side business.







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