Pros and Cons of Different Driveway Gate Types

This article looks at the different types of driveway gates and the pros and cons of each type in order to help you decide.


The main purpose of adding driveway gates to the entrance of your property can be summed up in three main points. The main benefit is the added security. Second, comes the aesthetic improvements. The third is enhancing the property’s kerb appeal. There are a lot of driveway gate types to choose from. Your decision process should revolve around the budget you have set for this project, the look you are going for, and the available space you have for the driveway gate. This article will discuss the different types of driveway gates and the pros and cons of each type in order to help you decide.

Swing Gates Vs Sliding Gates

Swing gates are one of the safest and simplest options when it comes to driveway gates types. If you are after sophistication and elegance, this is the one for you. Online stores now offer a huge variety of different types of swing gates. Two of the most popular options are finial tops and gothic looks; both of them add beauty to the driveway. However, with swing gates, you have to consider the available space limitations, whether the gates open inward or outward. The professionals at Garage Department advise that making sure the gate fits should be your top priority. Otherwise, you might end up with a gate that prevents your vehicle from entering the property. Hiring a professional to take the measurements and to install the gate is the safest move to make so you can avoid any problems that might happen with the installation such as not having enough space or clearance to install and open the gate freely.

Swinging Gates Pros:

Swing gates have fewer moving parts than sliding gates. This reduces the chances of wear and tear and decreases the costs for repair and maintenance.

If you care about the noise, swing gates are much quieter when moving.

Swinging gates add protection, security, and sophistication to the property.

They are more suitable for residential properties.


Swinging gates’ pros outweigh their cons. The only disadvantage might be that they utilize too much space. Also, the fact that your visitors might hit them if they miscalculated the distance.

Sliding Gates Pros:

They utilize less space. They are more efficient in tight spaces.

If you have a sloping driveway or some sort of landscaping that might block the gate, then sliding gates are the better option.


They require side room for the gates to slide back.

The higher number of moving parts makes sliding gates noisier.

It requires high maintenance; all the moving parts must be regularly lubricated to operate properly. Also, their track must be cleaned on a regular basis to clear out debris.

They are more expensive to buy and install.

Manual Or Automatic?

The choice between automatic and manual gates depends on the type of your property, the level of convenience you want, and your budget. If the thought of getting out of your car every time to open the gate bothers you, then automatic gates are the only way to go. Here are some of the pros and cons of automatic gates to help you make your decision.


It’s more convenient and provides ease of access more than manual gates.

Offers more security against intruders and protection for kids and pets to not go wandering away from the property.

Automatic gates are considered as an investment. They increase the house’s value if you ever thought about reselling the house.

They are more durable.


They can be pricey to buy, install, and repair.

Automatic gates need electricity to operate properly; that’s why they can cause huge problems if there is a power outage.

Manual gates, on the other hand, are cheaper, easier to repair, and come with a variety of styles and they can also be customized based on your preferences. However, they are as secure as the power of their locks. Opening gates manually is inconvenient, especially if you get a lot of visitors; you will have to go to unlock them personally. But if you have decided to go for manual gates, then sliding gates are more secure against the forceful opening.

There is no right answer when it comes to different types and style of driveway gates. The choice depends on your preferences, dislikes, priorities, and your property’s needs. Do you favor style to convenience? Do you need more protection and security? Going through the pros and cons of every type will eventually give you an idea of the perfect choice that will suit your property.



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