DIY Tubelite Skylights

Brighten up living spaces with a Tubelite Skylight - one of the most affordable and easy ways to flood living spaces with natural light.


Skylights offer the homeowner an easy way to allow more natural light into living spaces. Not only can the installation of a skylight bring new life to a room, but filling spaces with natural light has both physical and psychological benefits. Natural light is by far better for your health than artificial light, and natural light is free.

The addition of a skylight is also beneficial in reducing the costs related to lighting dark rooms. thus reducing a home's carbon footprint.

Tubelites are designed for quick and easy DIY installation, with products available in kit form and supplied with step-by-step manual instructions for DIY installation. The tubular design of Tubelites eliminates the need for structural changes to a roof, and the flexible tube can be maneuvered into position for easy installation almost anywhere.

If you're in the market for a Tubelight skylight, shop for a product that is maintenance-free and leak-proof. Rainbow Tubelight is a quality product that has been specially designed to provide a highly efficient, cost-effective and quick installation for the DIY enthusiast. The product has also been designed to withstand our harsh local weather conditions, and is UV- and hail-resistant.

The DIY kit includes:

5mm clear Perspex dome skylight - fitted on a reinforced fiberglass flashing tray.

Clear, prismatic acrylic diffuser.

Tubelite with silver-coated fibreglass fabric, reinforced with metal wire coiling.

The kit is suitable for installation under tile (tiled, slate, shingled or thatched roof), over  IBR roof or corrugated iron roofing.