5 Signs it's Time to Call in a Contractor

Here’s five reasons why you may need to call in the professionals to make some much-needed updates.



Home improvement projects can result from many avenues. Perhaps the home was built decades ago and requires some updates. Maybe inspiration struck and there’s a new idea to bring to life. Bringing a vision to life is rewarding and can make an old home feel new again.

Some projects are great for dedicated do-it-yourself type people. However, it is easy to get in over your head and realize it is time to call in a contractor. Here’s five reasons why you may need to call in the professionals to make some much-needed updates.


1. Out of Date, Out of Style

Trends come and go, but some trends have no place remaining in the home after their time has passed. Many older homes come with the trend of pastel colored tile in the bathroom. A putrid pink or mossy green is probably going to clash with the décor you had in mind. Retiling the bathroom prevents the home from being dated simply with easily-changeable wall adornments.




2. Smart House

With so many gadgets and technological advances, a contractor can help bring a home into this century. A great time to call a contractor is during a kitchen renovation project. The black and white tile of yesteryear may have felt vintage at the move-in, but perhaps now it’s time to bring the flooring up to date. While that is happening, technology can be worked in with dimmer lights, smart fridges, under-floor heating, and other smart house features. These devices are designed to make life go right and a licensed professional ensures they are properly installed.


3. Entertainment Space

Was the last shindig with friends during the house warming party where you pointed out all the projects you had in mind? Do you avoid offering up your home for family holidays? This might be a sign it is time for a contractor. An out-of-date home or remodel needs can deter from using the home as an entertainment space. A contractor can turn the backyard into the place to be, creating the new go-to spot for summer barbeques.

Plus, after that kitchen remodel, everyone will want the holiday turkey to come from your oven. A remodel can make it more fun to entertain at home and a contractor can help make that happen.







4. In Over Your Head

So, the do-it-yourself route can seem appealing in the thought process. However, after starting the remodel or other project, mistakes start to happen. Perhaps there was a beam where you didn’t know there was one, or you hit a pipe unexpectedly and had to call in a plumbing contractor? No matter the scenario, it is easy to get in over your head on home improvement projects.

When this happens, call a contractor. It is not admitting defeat so much as recognizing when experts are needed. Remember, the home is a huge investment as it is and hiring a contractor is just safely investing more into the home.







5. All Talk, No Action

If certain phrases have become catch phrases, it is time for a contractor. If you start every morning wincing at the tile color in the bathroom, it is time for a contractor. If you see for sale signs and contemplate moving rather than fixing what you have, call a contractor. If remodeling shows result in more envy than necessary, contractor time! If you walk around your home thinking, “I’ve been meaning to get to that…” constantly, it is time to stop thinking and start doing. Call a contractor!


Before You Call

There are many different types of contracting licenses and requirements. A licensed contractor is the safer route to take. Those who have worked to become licensed are in good standing with the law and well-educated on the construction field. These professionals also typically have insurance to help reduce liability as they work on your home. Finding the right contractor is truly dependent on the type of work being done. An extensive project in several parts of the home might mean finding laborers with the right specialty licenses.







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